While seniors in high school have started to receive their admissions decisions, juniors are still agonizing over standardized tests, making a college list, and finding teachers for recommendations…

Hey, juniors!

mellanbror asked:

Hey there, your are awsome! Question about your school: i havent decided which program i want to apply to yet, and the deadline is getting closer!! Which program do you think is the easiest to get in? :) Graphic storytelling, CGA or CA? /Niklas

Thanks! :)

It’s honestly a little hard to say, especially since we’re only accepting our second ever batch of Graphic Storytelling students this year - how many will apply is hard to predict. We accept around 1/7 of the applicants to our animation courses, where Graphic Storytelling could be anything from 1/4 to … 1/8?

But really, it’s all about your indívidual strengths and interests. Great at coming up with stories and writing manuscripts as well as drawing? You’re the perfect match for Graphic Storytelling. Skilled at depicting expressive characters in movement? Maybe go for Character Animation. Love designing characters and environments and portraying them in painstaking detail? CG Arts might be for you.

A lot of applicants are unsure what’s the best fit for them, but the courses are a lot more different than they might seem from the outside, so it’s worth it to think deep and hard about your choice :) If you have the chance, maybe drop by our Open House February 4th? 

anonymous asked:

I didn't do the best in high school and I took two years off, but if I wanted to study astrophysics would it be impossible to get into a good school?

It’s difficult to say for sure because we don’t know exactly what you mean by “didn’t do the best in high school” and what you consider to be a “good school.”

If you are asking if you can get into an Ivy League, the answer is more than likely no. However, there are plenty of less selective 4-year colleges that are still great schools. So, in short, you can absolutely get into a good school!

Also, keep in mind that your GPA isn’t everything. The whole point of filling out an application and writing an admission essay is to emphasize your strengths, explain special circumstances, and show how you have improved.

I would highly recommend going to a community college first because:

  1. Open Enrollment. AKA a policy that allows anyone, regardless of academic background, to be admitted and register for classes.
  2. It saves money.
  3. It gives you a smoother transition into the college lifestyle (balancing academic/social obligations, figuring out how to studying, etc.). You can work on making good grades so you can transfer to a 4 year college. Admission counselors love to see that you have made improvements, and after you have attended a CC they probably won’t even look at your high school transcript.
  4. Community college often have smaller student to faculty ratios, which gives you more time with your professor.
  5. Tons of super successful people went to community college: Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, Walt Disney, Calvin Klein, Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, astronauts James McDivitt, Eileen Collins and Fred Haise, and MasterCard founder Melvin Salveson.

Here’s some blogs to read to keep you on track once you start school again:

High school seniors may be feeling an enormous amount of pressure regarding scholarships. College is right around the corner and it’s not exactly cheap! That’s when your GPA, clubs, recommendations…

Apply, apply, apply!

anonymous asked:

If we ask a question on here un-anonymously, will you view our tumblr pages and if so, will you deem us inappropriate or unprofessional and use it against us in the application process? All my life I've heard not to post anything bad on social media because colleges will look down on it and now I'm scared and regret being un-anonymous for a question I've asked on here. Not that I post anything horrible, but it is pretty raunchy but all in humor.

We will not look at your tumblr page no matter how awesome your tumblr name is. Rest assured, even if we did, we probably wouldn’t have any idea who you are and we definitely wouldn’t be adding it to your record or anything like that. That would just be a jerk move on our part. FURTHERMORE, we (the tumblr folks) aren’t the ones who review applications (those awesome people are down the hall). Our non-social-media duties include designing all the fun invitations, booklets, posters, t-shirts, and ultimately (hopefully) Admit Packs that you all get throughout the year. So, please, do not fear to be un-anonymous! It allows us to respond to you privately and that’s super helpful for everyone. 

(Also, we all have personal accounts… we know what tumblr is like.)

More things I have found in applications that amuse me

 - A guidance counselor enthusiastically describe the diversity of the high school she works at to be: “…like Chex Mix!” (Exclamation mark included.)

- A student described as “intellectually curious, almost perfection” by her guidance counselor in that GC’s letter to us.

- A sentence I never thought I’d find myself writing as part of a student’s decision notes: “The essay was sort of a mess, but the paragraph on prostitutes was actually quite good.”

- National Forensics League: most bad-ass extracurricular I’ve read so far

- A student described as “a human version of a muppet” in a teacher recommendation. This was meant as a compliment. 

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