In most asylum buildings, the administrative portion - which usually lies at the center - is the most robustly constructed and sturdy area of the building.  In the Walters Building at Rochester State Hospital, however, it is anything but - whereas most of the building is in a condition that is absolutely fit for rehabilitation, the administrative wing (which held the medical/surgical and dental offices, x-ray suite, etc) is anything but.  Here, water damage through the shattered roof has pulled down reddish-pink insulation, dropping it onto a carpet of moss, ferns, and small plants.  The flourescent lighting banks have drooped, creating a weird, roller-coaster-esque feel.  An oddity in an odd building.

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Famous men with your sign.

Aries -  Tyler Oakley,  Robert Downey Jr, Brendon Urie, Gerard Way.
Taurus - Channing Tatum,  Dwayne Johnson, Thomas Brodie-Gangster, Patrick Stump
Gemini - Johnny Depp, Dan Howell, KANYE WEST, Morgan Freeman, Ryan Higa, Jerome Jarre
Cancer - Luke Hemmings, King Bach, Jaden Smith, Kevin Hart, Markiplier, Tom Hanks
Leo - Barack Obama, Daniel Radcliffe, Dylan/Cole Sprouse, Arnold Schwarzenegger, 
Virgo - Niall Horan, Paul Walker, Dylan O’Brian, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Jimmy Fallon
Libra -  Lil Wayne, Zac Efron, Bruno Mars, Will Smith, Josh Hutcherson, Snoop Dogg
Scorpio - PewDiePie, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tyga, Josh Peck, Matt Smith, Ryan Gosling
Sagittarius - Jay Z, Brad Pitt, Ian Hecox, Theo James, Trey Songz, Bruce Lee
Capricorn - Nash Grier,  Zayn Malik, LeBron James, Elvis, Pitbull, Martin Luther King jr, Psy
Aquarius - Michael Jordan, Callum Hood, Taylor Lautner, Ed Sheeran, Bob Marley, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tom Hiddleston
Pisces - Adam Levine, Ansel Elgort, Steve Jobs,Will I Am, Toby Turner, Bow Wow, Jensen Ackles

anonymous asked:

You've influenced my art quite a bit, so I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to draw France and England from the side. I struggle to draw any position besides facing forward. Thanks!

Yeah, sure! I shall have you know though, their anatomy changes when they’re faced to the side (which is bad when you draw characters, but I do it anyway). 

Anyway, as always, start with the outline.

Then draw the eyes, nose, and bridge. Their eyes are very close to the nose. For me, England’s nose is harder to draw than France’s. France’s is very simple & easy but England’s has a lot of different shapes to deal with. 

Next is their jawlines, ears, and hair. When I draw lips, I like to keep them very small and thin, unless I want to purposefully make them look big (like if a person is pouting or something). When drawing mouths in this style, every character has a slight overbite. I drew other pictures of them with their mouths in different shapes for more ref. England’s chin is round and his jaw is not very long. his jawline goes up a bit and then curves back down. He has a square jaw that comes to a point, unless I want to give off a childish feeling, in which case his jaw would be more rounded. I image France’s lips being a bit bigger, but in this style, it’s not noticeable. France’s chin comes out a bit more and isn’t as round as England’s. His jaw is also longer than England’s, but it comes to the same point as England’s does. The red line on their heads is their hairlines. 

Next is their necks, uniforms, and the rest of France’s hair. Their necks are always very thin, even when facing forward. When drawing their torsos, their backs are usually straight and their chests are a bit puffed up, especially if they’re wearing suits. 

Then there’s France’s hair lines and colouring. Remember to not make the lines on France’s hair too intricate (which is what I do all the time), otherwise it will look ratty. And France’s hair is anything but ratty.

I just got back from watching Mad Max: Fury Road and literally before this I had NO IDEA what kind of setting/time/world it took place in (not well-versed in action films/haven’t seen any promo material)…….but for SOME reason I assumed it was, like a spy thriller movie so for the first half hour I was like, “hmm……..where is the spy agency? are they going to keep driving this whole time???????”

but then everything was Furiosa and it was beautiful.