I just realized that sometimes, love is not enough. Not because someone falls in love with you, that’s already it. Not because they tell you they love you it already means that they will stay. Because in one point or another, they will leave you. They will leave when that time comes that they’ll see you the way you see yourself.
—  maybe he left because he saw me the way i see myself

Imagine Oikawa waking up after his first night at university to see a spiky silhouette standing over him. He pulls out a torch from under his pillow and points it at the monster, screeching. Suddenly the light flicks on and Oikawa sees that this is not some demon from the depths of Hell; it is in fact Kuroo, the man he would have to share his room with for the next 9 months.

Do you know how it feels to be loved by an unperfect person perfectly? You know that there is no forever but because of that person you believed in it? You’re not sure if it’s love but you don’t care at all because there is an unknown bliss of happiness and feeling that rush through your veins whenever you are with that person? That feeling when you can’t ask for anything in this world because you feel like you have your everything? You don’t believe in soulmates and destiny but you know deep in your heart that they are already the one for you. Your late night talks, midnight calls, and daily texts became a routine and then one day, one day, they left you—unexpectedly. That person left you without a single word. They left you there hanging—without saying goodbye. And you just stayed there—waiting. Not sure if you’re still waiting for someone to come back or you’re just there, waiting for vain, for nothing.
—  i miss you, please come back to me.

Imagine Kageyama who is surprisingly good with all sorts of birds, resulting that he sometimes just sits outside on the ground, bird food ready in his hands and the next thing Karasuno sees is this flock of birds calmly eating out of his hands and sitting on his head or shoulders. Kageyama finds it extremly relaxing and calming.