Thank you guys with translating & Startling admonition

I already sent her a message. I was confused between ‘If you dislike the idea, I’m not~’ and ‘If you dislike the idea, I will stop~’. Dat shitty translator made the context so bad. Thank you guys so much!

By the way, I’m not allowing to translate my works and reposting. Some people translated my works to wrong meaning which is different from the original. Last time, some Korean translated one of my comic without my permission. They translated it so shitty that it made me pissed off. Like, I didn’t mean to use swear word there, but they used swear word that the meaning of comic was gone. Some people thought that was from my original comic, it gave them a bad impression of me. It was awful. Moreover, I don’t like other people touch my works without my permission.

The internet world is too wide that I can’t see every single case of it. However, It’s a matter of individual conscience, so don’t make yourself ashamed.

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“Did you shrink since I last saw you?” Bryan asked the new state if Wyoming

“And did you get uglier?” Whitney snapped back, looking up at him. 

From the last time she had seen Bryan {which was quite a long time ago} the young state had grown up. But not much in height. She was only 5′2, maybe. So looking up at one of the bigger {not to mention taller} and more influential states made Whitney feel very small. And annoyed. 

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Mochis are supposed be cute but they are scary! I mean seriously what was Hima thinking with Americas mochi?! Russia's is kinda weird too and Germany is just a big square lol

In my honest opinion Finland’s is by far the creepiest.

The first time I looked at it I thought it was cute, but then I looked too long and his eyes became a portal  to someone’s darkest soul.

Germany’s always makes me laugh.

 I thought he was tofu at first, haha. And then there’s China mochi.

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Do you have any alternatives to coffee shop/cafe AUs?

  • Hotel AU – front desk workers know everything. Character A has seen crazy famous people pass through the hotel, and some super sketch ones. 
  • Bagel shop AU – rivalry with the mainstream coffee house across the street that keeps stealing their good customers. Good chance to have a relationship between Character A, who works the tiny bagel shop, and Character B, who works at the other place. 
  • Anime Con worker AU – Character A decided to work at a local con to make some extra money, ends up meeting a ton of really cool people in the process, but also going through a ton of stress from helping out at the con.
  • Retail store AU – “You keep coming in here to shop because we’re having a sale, and your face makes me really happy, but as an employee I’m not supposed to tell you that and it’s really irritating.”
  • Blogger AU – Character A is a well-known aesthetic blogger, Character B is a photographer, Character C a model for bridal magazines: it’s basically a poly ship made in heaven.  
  • Bakery AU – The various misadventures of Characters A and B working at an authentic French bakery. Everyday shenanigans like having to order crazy complicated cupcake orders, to speaking faulted French with the store owners.
#fics2fap2friday [bdsm edition]

He looks his lips, the hunger in his expression only barely restrained as he traces over the ropes that tie you to the headboard. They are tight, just tight enough that you can barely move, and your body is already singing for what is to come. A vibrator presses insistently to your walls, but all you can focus on are his hands trailing down your chest to fasten little golden clamps onto your nipples like a promise, and he whispers, “If you’re good, maybe I’ll let you come.”

1. come and put me out by g_odalisque13

It’s all Kris wanted since he and Chanyeol had gotten together, but it took him a year and a half for his long-buried desires of being spanked and abused during sex to surface. And really, how could Chanyeol say no to his boyfriend when he’s so needy?

2. and then the tables were turned by insanction

Sehun is boring, Luhan thinks, until one night Sehun decides to tie the elder to the bed and take him for a wild ride.

3. new shoes –> new toys by zombiecheese

Tao is more than a little curious about bdsm, and Suho wants to make sure he doesn’t misinform himself. Of course, Tao prefers a much more hands on lesson, rather than just a Q&A session.

4.  cause you know I love being with you (and seeing you cry) by trappinglightningbugs

Baekhyun has been instructed to seduce the new dom that came into his favorite bdsm club, but oh; he didn’t expect it to be nearly so much fun.

5. be mine, be kind (but be cruel to me) by xstarlesscity

Despite what people might expect, Kris is putty in his boyfriend’s hands. He’s the one left hanging when Kyungsoo touches him, and he’s the one who begs behind closed doors. And both of them definitely prefer it that way.

6. untitled by goopeculiar

Tao wants so much from Kris he can’t have, but damn if his imagination can’t give him something.

previously rec’d

7. sins of the flesh by nacseo

Sorry for the delay, darlings! My internet was too slow to load anything yesterday, so I hope you all don’t mind this week’s suggestions a day late~ Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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Confession: I honestly don’t know why, but I have the strong urge to move to another city and not tell anybody! Like, I wanna save all my money, pick a date, and move! I thinking Atlanta, Miami, back to Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Boston, or Austin. Maybe, I’ll start saving now, and this time next year move just out the fucking blue. It be a random day, just random, and I’ll say, “I’m moving family”, they’ll say “where” “oh I didn’t tell you, I moving to blank place! I honestly don’t know why, but moving to another place were no one knows me, gives me joy!

I’m here for this!

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Do you by any chance have any Polyamorous AU's? Just, anything involving Poly Relationships?

  • Character A looks like he walked off of tumblr with a man bun and flowers in his beard; Character B is more studious type with a level head and bad glasses that he’s way too fond of; Character C walks with the aid of a cane and is the curmudgeons type of person who’s still young, but acts like he’s 50. The three of them run a detective agency that specialized in ‘odd cases’ from out of their apartment. 
  • The sort of love story where the four childhood friends fall into monogamous relationships – Character A with C, Character B with D – until the lines begin to blur between “are we all just really close friends, or is this a relationship?”
  • Character A meets Character B at a LGBTQ+ book event, which is being sponsored by Character C’s book store. While Character C is closing up the store, they overhear Character A asking Character B about polyamorous relationships – a topic covered in Character B’s book – and Character A asks the two of them out to a late dinner so that the three of them can continue the conversation together. 
  • “I know <Character B> has been seeing <Character C>; it’s not a secret. We’re all in a relationship, we live together, we have two dogs and a snake together. Nobody is cheating on anybody. How were you not aware of this?” AU 
  • After being sent to a summer camp that specializes in “teaching teenagers the true meaning of discipline and respect,” Character A meets Characters B, C, and D: the “regulars” at the summer camp. Soon, Character A is inducted in by Character C, which results in the domino reaction of Character A being asked “so, are you poly too?”
  • Characters B and C are very lovey dovey together while asexual Character A mostly makes annoyed remarks from the couch because they can’t hear who’s being voted off of Survivor over the sounds of their “loud and unnecessary noises of affection.”

***Keep in mind to write healthy poly relationships. If you have any questions about what counts as unhealthy, or what a poly relationship should not look like, please follow these links : Dos and don’ts for happy polyamorous relationships; Common mistakes in poly relationships10 questions this poly person is happy to answer

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Hello! It's my birthday and I was wondering if I could have a spam of Kris? Thanks! Ily guys<3

Happy belated birthday, darling! The duizhang is here for all of your holiday needs.

Whatever your chosen favorite, Wu Yifan delivers wholly. be it frame:

Hands or crotch, maybe a bit of both:

King of the yaoi hands.

This stupid thing he does:

Or just him in general:

I hope the day passed with many beautiful dreams of him, in whichever way you like~

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Introducing artists: week 1

Hello everyone! This is our first set of artists that we will be honoring this week, starting monday! We decided to add up the amonut from 3 to 5, since we got more artists to add on the list than we expected.

So get ready to see a lot of these lovely artists works :)

shawtyartblog​​ is without a doubt amazingly talented when it comes to realism. Their art is mostly black and white, but when they add colour, it’s always very smooth. The pieces are usually traditional, and they know how to master the effect of watercolors to bring emotions into their work.

If we would give one word to describe their art, it would be firm!

believeinbritboys loves to draw Harry, but all of the boys are present in their drawings. The boys sometimes have big noses, and even bigger personalities in their art! Some of their art is gifs, which is incredibly impressive. They has an au of the boys at Hogwarts and an original character of Harry’s mermaid tattoo!

If we would give one word to describe their art, it would be whimsical!

pass-the-pencil has a great well developed style. Each drawing is so expressive and the emotion can be seen through the eyes. One really unique thing about pass-the-pencil is that they draw the boys as mythical creatures! What’s also cool is that there’s a mix between digital and traditionally drawn art.

If we would give one word to describe their art, it would be cheeky!

neon–diamonds has a style that’s really realistic, whether it’s cartoon or realism. They have an incredible ability to blend the colors really nicely and smoothly, and it’s always delightful to see. If you’ve seen the 1D click n’ drag around, they are the mastermind behind it (and if you have an artblock, you might want to check it out!).

If we would give one word to describe their art, it would be lifelike!

rubycurls has really soft and adorable art. You can find just about any au and ship in their work. There is a mix between art in full color and trichromic in black, white, and red. There is no way you could look at their art without the hugest smile on your face!

If we would give one word to describe their art, it would be delightful!

“GOM + Kagami where s/o keeps tossing and turning and needs help falling asleep. Fluff or nsfw depending on character. ^0^” accidentally deleted the ask I’m sorry!!!

You wouldn’t go to sleep and so Akashi wouldn’t either. You kept kicking him when ever you would re-position yourself and he was getting sick of it. He stood up and grabbed a glass of water for you before crawling back into bed “Go to bed.” He ordered, gently hitting your arm. 

Aomine wasn’t happy to be woken up by your relentless sheet kicking. He grumbled at you and you were about to apologize when he started to rub your shoulders. “Relax idiot, or you’ll be exhausted tomorrow." 

Kise isn’t the kind of guy you want to wake up. He is incredibly grumpy if he didn’t get his rest so you just got up and left the bedroom to watch tv with the volume all the way down. ”_____-cchi.“ He whined, standing in the doorway. "It’s cold without you.” He came to wrap himself around you and watch tv with you. 

 Kuroko sighed as you flipped over what what must’ve been the millionth time. He got up and left, you figured it was to sleep on the couch. But he returned minutes later with a glass “It’s warm milk it should help you sleep." 

Midorima let out a deep breath and sat up. "If your not going to sleep, obviously I’m not either. He turned on the light and grabbed a book, pulling you to his side to lay by him. 

Murasakibara groaned and pulled you against his chest so you couldn’t move anymore. "I can’t sleep if _____-chin keeps moving, go to sleep.” He was so strong, you couldn’t move so you had no choice but to fall asleep against him

Kagami could sleep through anything so you were really moving. He opened one of his eyes just to glare at you then pushed you off the bed. He rolled down too then grabbed some clothes “Come on let’s go get something to eat.”