AAYogs number ????

Prosecutor William Strife (Miles Edgeworth)

I wasn’t sure who Id want to be a sort of Edgeworth counterpart and then I remembered just like Edgeworth, Strife is also a stern looking guy who is secretly a huge nerd boy :P

also I used photoshop to draw this which is why it might look odd cause Ive never drawn in photoshop before :Y


We’ve got an awesome celebrity guest announcement for you! Anthony Mackie will be at Emerald City Comicon on Saturday and Sunday. Known for his role of The Falcon in the blockbuster hit Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Juilliard graduate has an impressive and varied resume that includes hit films Real Steel, Gangster Squad, The Adjustment Bureau, 8 Mile, and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. He will next be seen in Triple Nine with Norman Reedus and Casey Affleck.
Mr. Mackie will be appearing at Emerald City Comicon on Saturday and Sunday only, and he will be available for Photo Ops, Autographs, and panels.

So does Clara herself have a favourite between the whirlwind Eleventh Doctor and the more subdued Twelfth?

“I think to Clara they’re the same man. He is the Doctor, and it’s a lot of what this series has been about, her accepting that. I don’t think there’s a preference to her.

—  Jenna Coleman (x)
Upset about the Ferguson grand jury result? Don't just post about it on Facebook and Tumblr.

 Write your representatives to get better laws on the books (ie: mandatory cameras on cops, greater punishment for excessive force, better investigations into the history of a department’s behavior towards minorities). Find yours here.  Those who don’t stand against injustice, stand for it.