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yes but look at The Hug (thorin expressing affection miles beyond of what’s expected of him probably both situation and rank-wise, just because he’s so overwhelmed with feelings) and tell me that happy thorin, safe thorin, with a happy ending and the sickness long gone and bilbo by his side, wouldn’t be the schmoopiest most effusive outwardly affectionate bastard with his hobbit husband

lavishing him with kisses and hugging him always of course and making a point of always touching him even when they’re seated in court or something, and swooping him up in his arms after a couple of days apart and kissing the daylights out of him in public without a care in the world

and bilbo always gets so huffy and fussy and blushy and grumbles ‘yes alright dear that’s enough pEOPLE ARE WATCHING’ but of course he would never actually protest, and thorin has no intention of stopping because now that he has his hobbit finally by his side for real he’s not letting go of him any time soon


Now that’s a new move lol