Stained Cheeks | Liam Dunbar Prompt

Everything happened in seconds. Scott threw a hunter down the hall, Derek roared but all you could hear were the screams. Scott had thrown the basement door and you shoved him aside. The screams mixed with roars were becoming louder and each time, your heart cracked a little more.

You saw Liam before you saw the hunter. You knew he was there but Liam bent over, strapped to a chair with his head limp. You didn’t even notice when Scott, Derek and Stiles practically fell down the stairs.

"Well, isn’t this great? The whole pack is here." You didn’t listen to what Scott said back. Liam was beginning to gain consciousness and swallowing your tears quickly became more difficult. 

"Scott we have to get him out!"

The hunter laughed a few feet away. “We just started! This is the good part.”

Liam’s entire body began shaking and shuddering and bolts of electricity lit from his skin. “No! Stop!” Somewhere in the spur of Scott and Derek going for the hunter and Stiles trying to figure the machine out, you had inched closer and closer to him. He continued to switch from human and beast but his eyes never switched back to human. “Liam! Liam.. Please!” You ached to reach out and touch him. 

Scott, despite Derek’s warning, tried to tear Liam’s bonds but the second his fingers touched the leather, he was thrown on his ass. “..Mountain ash.” Derek finished while helping Scott onto his feet.

Scott’s eyes flashed to you. “You have to do it.” You didn’t care that there was a very good chance you would get electrocuted nor that Liam could very easily attack you the second he was out of his bonds. You couldn’t stand hearing his cries. It would be easier being torn to pieces than he hear his screams.

The room went silent when Stiles managed to turn the machine off and you freed Liam’s wrists. Everyone was focused on the young werewolf. 

Liam finally raised his head and slowly, you curled your arms around him. His head leaned against your stomach and you let him cry. 

Please listen to your veterinarians

My aunt’s dog has congestive heart failure secondary to dilated cardiomyopathy. He’s on enalapril, pimobendan, and furosemide to manage the symptoms. My aunt and grandmother have decided to only give him half of his furosemide dose because they didn’t like how much it was making him urinate. This has been going on for months.

Now the poor dog has ridiculous pulmonary edema and a horrible nonproductive cough. He’s walking around the house, miserable. Meanwhile these two can’t seem to understand why this coughing is getting worse.

I’ve been begging them to give him the proper dose of diuretics and they finally acquiesced. Now that they’ve put him back on his vet-recommended dose, wonder of wonders, his cough has subsided and he’s starting to feel better.


"Queen you shall be… until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear." - A Song of Ice and Fire

I love you. let’s light ourselves on fire. | not the mutually enamored gay boys you’re looking for. Enjolras/Grantaire. [listen]

I. How to Be Dead - Snow Patrol (‘Please keep your hands down and stop raising your voice.’ ‘It’s hardly what I’d be doing if you gave me a choice.’) II. Nicotine - Panic! at the Disco (Your love’s a fucking drag.) III. Oceanographer’s Choice - The Mountain Goats (I don’t mean it when I tell you that I don’t love you anymore.) IV. Vampire Smile - Kyla La Grange (We’ll be the broken lovers with the poison cup.) V. Plain Sailing Weather - Frank Turner (I can see the way you fold your hands; speak my name like a curse upon your pretty lips.) VI. Which to Bury; Us or the Hatchet? - Relient K (I tried to move you, but you just wouldn’t budge. I tried to hold your hand, but you’d rather hold your grudge.) VII. Divers and Submarines - Passenger (The more that I wanted, the harder I squeezed; the harder I squeezed, the less you could breathe.) VIII. Barricade - Stars (The love died, but the hate can’t fade.) IX. No Children - The Mountain Goats (I hope when you think of me years down the line you can’t find one good thing to say, and I hope that if I found the strength to walk out you’d stay the hell out of my way.)

like imagine eren calling armin and armin’s like “hello? oh hi ere- *giggles* stop jean i’m on the phone omg… s-sorry eren hi” and eren’s like “….do you want me to call you later” and armin’s like “no of course not jean just can’t keep his hands to himsel- JEAN I’M SERIOUS please don’t touch me there right now” and eren’s just trying not to gag while jean feels his best friend up on the other end 

poor eren

does anybody want to discuss stay at home mom carmilla karnstein with me bc i’m getting emotional about it currently

do you ever think about logan echolls + veronica mars + hunter scott?!

in the summer: logan goes by himself to hunter’s soccer game because veronica is working and she has to get there late. he brings an extra chair for her and sits at the sideline with all the other parents, and she only misses the first 15 minutes. when hunter looks over at the two of them from across the field, they wave and he waves back and he’s terrible at hiding a quick smile. (soccer reminds them of a lot but they don’t mention it. they know the other is thinking it because once it was v’s soccer uniform and 12 years old and logan thought she was hot. and what if hunter lives something that - what if.)

after a day of surfing at the beach: veronica and logan take hunter to get hamburgers and milkshakes. logan gives hunter his debit card and lets him pay for the food and hunter thinks that’s the coolest shit ever. they sometimes have to tell him not to say words like ‘shit’. (they all sit at a table that has swivel chairs and hunter moves the entire time, back and forth, deep in thought. veronica sees his nervous energy and the way his responses are still serious and focused but with a touch of wit, and then she’s holding logan’s hand under the table because he’s a part of this kid now too.)

when logan is deployed: hunter comes over to hang out with veronica but it’s not the same because they both miss logan. when veronica tells hunter that logan has to stay away a few weeks longer, and that he’ll have to celebrate his birthday there, hunter asks if they can make a birthday card to send to him. he says that the cards at the store are boring and probably don’t have airplanes on them like logan likes. (veronica ends up mailing two handmade cards plus three more of hunter’s drawings to logan. she adds a note that asks him to wait and look at them when they skype him on his day. she can already see logan’s face. wishes he didn’t have to be away at all anymore. but that’s selfish.)

when marvel movies come out: lianne doesn’t let logan and veronica take hunter to a midnight showing no matter how much he asks for it, or how good his argument is for someone who still attends recess five days a week, but logan and veronica take him on a friday evening. he dresses up and sits between them in the movie theater. (logan leaves suddenly before the previews start and returns five minutes later with an icee and sour patch candy for hunter. veronica dims her phone’s screen brightness and texts logan: u get to deal with that sugar high tonight, bud. he replies: worth it.)

some saturdays: logan and veronica surprise hunter with a game of bowling. they play laser tag with him and give him $20 for arcade games. hunter ends up saving his tickets and not turning them in for a prize because he wants to use them next time. (because next times actually happen when he’s with logan and veronica.)

logan echolls and veronica mars and hunter scott are family now, when they get the chance. and it’s scary and unfamiliar but it’s maybe, probably, definitely the happiest that each of them has ever been.