What happened to you?
You’ve changed so much!
And way too fast…
You’ve taken the wrong path.

Remember this playground?
How you used to be Minnie…
And I used to be Mickey,
We were young and innocent.

But I should say;
You were young and innocent,
Because I still am…
And you should still be.

Seeing you breaks my heart.
You think you’re cool!
With your new friend and…
Your new addiction.

I want my Minnie back!
But you killed her…
You’ve made a whore out of her!
And it’s sad. And it’s heartbreaking.

Now you’re here.
The same playground.
But not the same game for sure…
Not at all…

Instead of living the game,
You play with your life.
And you don’t even care!
I wonder if you even realize it…

I don’t want to be part of your life.
You’re not you anymore,
I loved Minnie mouse…
So Mickey’s going away!

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Story of Scout’s Bonk addiction.

OMG! This is great. XD