banjicore asked:

your blog is stunning, what language is the title in? and how do I get my blog into one of those things in the corner of ur page?

ah thank you so much. im glad you like it. the title is in bengali. 

as for the networks, you have to apply. there are a lot out there so you just find one you like and apply or get invited i suppose. 


banjicore asked:

any music suggestions?

oof many! I don’t know what your taste in music is, but my favorites are:

-Radiohead (Lucky, Climbing up the walls, …),
-Animal Collective (Did you see the words, In the flowers, …),
-Tame Impala (Lucidity, Bold arrow of time, …),
-Pink Floyd (Echoes, Welcome to the machine, …),
-Grizzly Bear (Gun-Shy, Yet again,…),
-Caravan Palace (Suzy, Jolie Coquine,…)
-Arcade Fire (Ready to start,…)

I could just go on and on really haha.. I hope you like any of those