Has dozens of ideas for projects at a time.

Only has the mental energy and organization to focus on 1-2 things at a time.

Generates new project ideas faster than I can finish the ones I’m already working on.

Scumbag brain, ADHD edition.

(This is why I look at ADHD as both a gift and a deficit. It’s like a malicious trickster god came to me at birth and said, “here’s all the mind wandering and associative thinking you need to generate ideas! Now I’ll make it impossible for you to use most of them, ever.” Even if I’d never gotten any crap from other people about “not living up to your potential,” it would still be frustrating).

anonymous asked:

I have a hard time understanding things that aren't physical. For example, in science I had a hard time understanding energy and things like that because I couldn't picture it as an actual thing?

Some people are better at concrete (specific, real, able to be sensed) thinking than abstract (general, idea-based, speculative) thinking. Here’s an article about how to deal as a concrete thinker in an abstract subject. (Scroll down to get to the tips.)

However, if you are really, really struggling to understand abstract concepts, you might want to ask about being evaluated for a learning disability. Some learning disabilities can make abstract thinking extremely difficult, but special education teachers (ideally) have tools and techniques for making them make sense.


I’m sorry I will be one of those people who interrupt you if I think of something else but I will stop myself mid-sentence and tell you to continue with your story or whatever you were saying. I have really bad ADHD and cannot control myself sometimes. I feel really bad about doing it afterwards, but sometimes I cannot help it. So if I ever do this to you just tell me and I will try my hardest to not do it again.

ok but the internet says adult-onset isn’t a thing? then why is that what the psych wrote? i don’t think i have it if it isn’t adult-onset tho cause i did well in school till about 13 then i was probably just lazy? idek i feel like i’m just making excuses agh i should not be this worked up over this possible diagnosis wtf 

Cons of having ADHD
  • “why the fuck cant i sleep at night”
  • “shitfuck i changed the topic too fast because i thought about rocks and then coal and then trains and now the person im talking to is wondering if i’ve only been thinking of cargo puns while they were talking about important shit”
  • *rolls over at 3:28 am* “how do snails pee”
  • “ive read this sentence twenty fucking times and it still doesnt make sense this is so frustrati n g??>!?”

anonymous asked:

i saw a post awhile back in the "what it's like" tag about not being able to do the whole punctual thing a lot and i have a trick that might help you out and take some stress off of you? cause if i need to be on time i usually just put my address and the destination into google maps and set the time to arrive by and it tells me with very little hassle when i have to leave (also good bus routes)

If I put the address in every appointment on my Android smart phone, Google Now will pop up a reminder fifteen minutes before the time Google has determined that I need to leave given the current traffic conditions. I have to brag that I am not late very often.


mightymcroi asked:

Can I have a link to the faq page please? I'm on the mobile app and I can't find it. I'm trying to figure out about if seeing things, like shadows/objects/etc. moving in your peripherals, has anything to do with my ADD or if I've just been watching too many scary movies.


Usually the links work if you access Tumblr through your mobile browser rather than the mobile app.


Helping Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

According to the National Center for Children in Povery (NCCP) “One in 10 youth has serious mental health problems that are severe enough to impair how they function at home, school, or in the community.” There are no two children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or any disorder that aff…


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Terrific Tuesday!

Anonymous Submission:

(UK) STUFFS ACTUALLY GETTING DONE!!! After having gone through 2 GPs (one didn’t know what to do, the other said ADHD is just a “child’s illness”) I went through my college councellors and they’ve arranged an appointment with learning support for me to get tested!!!! IT’S ONLY TAKEN 4 YEARS

Anonymous Submission:

I’m glad I finally got my grade up from a D to a C- in Acc Geometry!!!

Anonymous Submission:

I’m feeling pretty awesome. All my stuff is turned in, my old medicine was making me unhealthy and I just got new medication ma snow I can focus and get everything turned in this time!!’

optimism-or-no‘s Submission:

I successfully submitted my first assessment for my new psychology course :) (With about half an hour to spare). I really feel like I did a thorough job with the formatting and most of the little details too so that is good. Hopefully I can keep it up.

gothprosecutor’s Submission:

I’ve been really into US states recently for some reason, so I used sporcle games to learn all the states and their capitals by heart in just one night! pretty good huh?

Anonymous Submission:

I studied really hard for a test and I’m pretty sure I didn’t fail it

Anonymous Submission:

I’ve been getting up in the morning much more often once my alarm goes off, rather than hitting the snooze. Incidentally, i just started a second job and now work 60+ hours a week, but i think that the daily structure that that entails does help.

Anonymous Submission:

I’m finishing my first week on medication and for the first time in my entire life I feel alert and properly engaged with the world around me. I can play with my kids without getting bored or distracted or sucked into my phone, I get my chores done, my productivity at work is up.   It’s amazing.  Overcoming my own internalized stigma and getting help is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

Anonymous Submission:

Last week, I made a massive to do list and got everything but one item done in one day. I normally can’t even get half of a list that size done in five days. I literally almost cried when I saw I how much I had checked off. It was great :)

phipiohsum475’s Submission:

I finally got brave enough to ask my therapist about adult adhd, and I got tested today!

WOW! You’ve accomplished so many terrific things!

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