This is so upsetting. It further proves that politics are just as important as advocacy. When these scumbags that have agribusinesses in their back pocket get elected —THIS happens.

Both The Humane Society and Mercy For Animals have halted their undercover camera investigations into animal cruelty in five farm states, including Iowa and Utah where these ad-gag laws went into effect last year.

If somebody comes on somebody else’s property, through fraud or deception or lying, that is a serious violation of people’ rights,” said Iowa Governor Terry Branstad when he signed the bill into law.

These activists (whom I greatly admire) that expose grotesque forms of animal abuse that lead to more humane forms of factory farming are the criminals here? Instead of working to prevent the abuse, the meat industry is now vigorously pushing laws to prevent people from finding out about it — to make criminals not out of the animal abusers or those who foist dangerous meat onto school-children, but out of undercover investigators.

That’s right: The industry’s response to years of evidence of egregious, and often criminal, animal cruelty and of diseased and adulterated meat entering the market is to attempt to outlaw undercover investigations.

In 2011, the meat industry backed laws in four states to make taking photos or videos on farms and slaughterhouses illegal. In 2012, the industry pushed similar laws in 10 states. This year, we expect even more…

I just liked to point out that there are some important upcoming elections on March 5th, 2013 and November 4th, 2014. They’re not presidential, but they matter. Politics are dirty, but two can play that game. Let these schmucks know that they lost your vote for protecting animal abusers. #VegansofIG