I’m making a difference. And no matter how big or small that difference may turn out to be, to those I’ve touched/helped/connected with/motivated/laughed with/adventured alongside/loved, I mean something. And that matters. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…


A code between Lee Jong Suk and his fans.

Some people say, these idols/actors are only showing you the image presented by their company. They are not real, and you are silly for believing them to be so. That may be true for everyone else; but I refuse to believe that it is true for our Jongsuk.

He never says, “I want to marry my fans.” He never says, “You are my ideal type.” He never says that. He only says thank you for supporting me. Thank you, thank you, thank you… were the words he kept whispering between sobs. He only asks, “Why do you even like me?” He makes no grand promises but shows his gratitude. When he got my gift, he placed his hand on his heart and smiled like a child. A signal that could be read by everyone, across all languages.

"I will keep my promise to you. I’ll grow up well. I won’t get into trouble."

Like the words spoken by a filial son to his parents. Such simple words, but the simplest promises are often the hardest to keep. He says it is our support that led him out to do ‘Pinocchio’; so let our support never wane.

We promise to believe, he promises to be a person we can believe in.

믿음. What a beautiful thing.

Remember that touching scene early in Game of Thrones where they find the direwolf puppies, and there’s 6 of them, one for each of the Stark kids, and Ned decides it’s a sign from the gods and takes the whole lot of them home?

Imagine that scene with Tywin Lannister. 

The woods. Tywin is leading a young Jaime on horseback and even younger Tyrion in his special saddle on a tiny pony. They come upon a dead lioness (ooooh dark Joanna symbolism) and three orphaned cubs. One of them clearly a lot smaller than the other two. Two boys, one girl. The air is crisp and the wind rustles the leaves. You can almost hear the gods screaming “what the fuck do you want, an actual handwritten sign???” 

"Father, look," Jaime says, green eyes twinkling. "Three lions. Just like Cersei, Tyrion and I. We should -"


"But clearly it’s a sign from - "

"Fuck no."

The End.