Rolling in the Deep - Cage the Elephant cover


Me singing ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ by Bon Iver / Adele / Bonnie Raitt.

Sorry for the sniffles- hay fever :((

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Snatch Game

10. Raja as Tyra Banks (Season 3)
Raja was my favorite from season 3. I thought she definitely should have won this challenge. I thought it was the perfect blend of parody and realistic. She was over the top but yet smart in her jokes. It was great to see Raja become a superstar in this moment. One of her defining moments for sure in her season.

9. Ginger Minj as Adele (Season 7)
Oh god this was just too great. I wasn’t really sure how to make Adele all too funny but Ginger did an amazing job. She kept the food gags going and the awards and the smoking and drinking it was all so good. I was so glad to see the challenge end up being a tie because Ginger brought it. Her acting was just amazing on season 7.

8. Alaska as Lady Bunny (Season 5
The anus joke was by far my favorite moment on Snatch Game of any season. I died when she said that! Alaska is so quick and smart with her comedy. It’s always a risk to do someone close to Ru or a judge and I think Alaska did an amazing job. The look was perfection and the jokes were just incredibly funny!