These have been popping out all over the place between the commissions. It’s how I keep that tiny shred of sanity I have left! 

Let’s see. We’ve got even more pallanoph anatomy studies, not much has changed as of this moment, but I’ve been trying out other directions elsewhere that I will share later. This build suits them well for the time being, and it’s been hard to alter it without sacrificing something important. At least you finally have a peek at the skull! I used bear, lion, and hyena as reference. (And took some artistic liberty, I’m afraid.)

I still have unfamiliarized folks (no one I know, of course) confusing them for dogs, so Tjardek is here with a special message: Open your peepers, look again! It’s like calling a hyena a dog, and I really don’t like seeing things get miscategorized. (It’s one of my more unusual pet peeves, actually, one I’ve been fighting to get over for years.) I’m still working to make a master post for pallanophs which will describe their anatomy in greater detail.

At the bottom, a sketch that can more or less summarize the first half of my novel. Nharath tries to avoid Adelaide’s accusatory eye lasers while looking like Jack Nicholson, and a “magpie” mediates. 

Back to commissions!

Dear Frary Friends,

Like many of you, I’m feeling uninspired and Reign frustrated these days. Frankly, I often wonder why I am still here.  Fangirling is a new thing for me and really, it takes a lot of time.  I mean, look at all the awesome people on your timeline who spend hours putting together beautiful edits, gifs, recaps and humorous rants for our enjoyment!  For me, fangirling is a bit silly and frivolous, but also provides a nice diversion from the more serious moments of life.  All that being said, I spent many hours this summer wondering what the hell I am doing spending so much of my free time obsessing over this ridiculous show.

The hiatus has been both long and lackluster.  Reign is doing itself no favors by creating almost zero buzz for their second season.  For a show on a network that’s targeted towards teens, they sure don’t seem to have a clue about how hell to manipulate social media.  There is almost no information out there about the coming season and the stuff that is available, seems destined to turn fans off rather than create excitement for our favorite characters to return.  Mostly we’ve been subject to the same recycled plague footage over and over and over again (news flash….no matter how many ways they re-arrange it in a promo, it still looks pretty uneventful and boring to me).  In addition to this, we’ve seen a slew of interviews from show runner Laurie McCarthy where she seems determined to rub salt in our wounds with statements like this from a recent BuzzFeed article:

“We burned through the timeline last year because I wanted to do two things: I wanted to get Mary and Francis (Toby Regbo) on the throne, so that Season 2 felt like a new chapter, and I also wanted Lola (Anna Popplewell) to have his child.”

I don’t know about you guys, but the thought that this illegitimate child was a major storyline she wished to pursue really almost put me over the edge.  I mean she’s putting it right up there on par with getting Mary and Francis on the throne!  Seriously?  That’s just messed up!  Overall, I don’t mind that Reign often diverges from history because they have been forthcoming from the onset that this is a fictional adaptation of Mary’s life.  But if we’re going to throw caution to the wind, and go straight up fiction, it would be great if they could come up with something better than shit like “the darkness” and “a bastard baby.”  That’s just a waste of creative license!

But wait there’s more…..let’s recap our general apathy going into season two:

  • Mary has become a heartless shell of the person we once loved.  Half the people I know are actually starting to not like Mary as a character at all which is a problem because, you know, she’s the lead.
  • The baby, who has affectionately been dubbed “the spawn,” is the child that everyone wishes death upon.  I’ve never seen so many women wish death upon a baby in my life.  Really! This baby might be the most hated TV baby ever.
  • The plague has taken over the kingdom.  I believe that in addition to providing a means for separating Mary and Francis in the finale, this was meant to pack drama into the cliffhanger.  Really?  Yawn.
  • There is universal rage that the writers are creating daytime soap opera drama on a show that already has so much great historical tension already built into it.  They have so many great historical topics to mine from already, this is just plain weird.  Talk about a massive wasted opportunities.
  • It appears our beloved Frary will most likely be apart for the entire first episode, possibly even sharing zero screen time. (slow clap)  The last time that happened half this fandom nearly gave up due to frustration and/or boredom, so this is probably not a smart move for the season opener.

Is it any wonder nearly half the audience seems to have given up on this show entirely?  If there are lackluster ratings going into the sophomore season it really should come as no surprise to anyone.

So why stay around?  Why am I still here?  I’ve thought about this a lot actually and always arrive at the same answer.  No matter how frustrated, enraged, annoyed or indifferent I have felt over this hiatus, I always stick around because no matter how pissed off I become, I just can’t give up on Mary and Francis.  In the middle of all the garbage promo that we’ve been privy to this summer, an image came out that seemed to give us all a small glimmer of hope for the coming year:


Mary and Francis.  King and Queen.  Look at it!  Look at those two in all their glory!  (Look at Regbo for crying out loud…..hubba, hubba!) I swear, when this photo was released, you could see the excitement return as if life itself was breathed into this fandom once again. At that moment I realized that no matter how much I want to quit Reign, as long as Mary and Francis appear on my screen, I cannot turn away.  As long as Francis lives, I will be here. If anything, last season already proved that I will suffer through an incredible shitstorm of garbage because Toby and Adelaide have the most electric onscreen chemistry I have ever seen.  As long as that continues, I just cannot give up on them. 

So Reign, I will sit through your ridiculous plots, your stupid love triangles your invented characters and your bastard babies. Because despite all the pain, I am longing for one more beautiful look, to hear one more heartfelt line, and to see one more incredibly touching moment shared between Mary and Francis once again.

Scott: So, tell me about your date. What did you think of Cora’s brother?

Stiles: Derek is the biggest asshole I have ever met. He fought with me on every single thing. I couldn’t even eat my pasta without him telling me that I was doing it wrong. Apparently there’s some official rule that says you need to twist it around your fork. He acted like he’s the fucking spaghetti police. And he’s stubborn as hell. He wouldn’t let me pay the check, even though I’m the one who asked Cora if there was anyone she could set me up with. Plus Derek’s prefers Star Trek over Star Wars. I mean is he serious? Yoda kicks Spock’s ass any day of the week. And you should see the guy’s eyebrows. They make him look as though he’s constantly planning to murder someone.

Scott: Wow. You must have really hated him.

Stiles: Hated him? What are you talking about? Were you even listening? I think I might be in love with him.

Scott: Lo- Okay. I clearly don’t understand this conversation, at all.