Day 01 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts about me

15 facts 

1. I Love God, I Make Disciples and I Impact Our World

2. I’m Adrielle Yumang

3. friends call me Addie or Dee

4. I’m 17 years old

5. I’m a Christian

6. Find it easier to be friends with guys than girls

7. Never had a boyfriend

8. from the Ambassadors Network of His life City Church

9. Usher at wildfire

10. I’m quite most of the time 

11. for me Friends are just friends

12. in coming third year college @ DLSU

13. I want to be a really unique event organizer or a script writer

14. I love Neil Mendoza (this is for judging me NJPM >:| ) 

15. I cant un-love him. >:P 

Know your limit. God, I put you first. God’s will.