It makes me sad when people use self-harm for attention. Don’t you get it? It’s nothing to be happy about, you shouldn’t want to show it off. I hate my scars, they’re ugly and pathetic. I wish I never started, it’s an addiction just like smoking. When you first start it’s hard to stop again, I feel so ashamed of my body now. So please don’t show them off like it’s something to be proud of.
—  Be proud when you stop. Not when you start. - Still-learning-2love-myself

Happy Sweaty Selfie Friday! Only Kym can turn me this bright shade of red. Worked my hardest, and it felt great. I am grateful. Xoxo

I’ve developed a gambling addiction. Not for money, but for you. I bet once and I have you, I bet again and I don’t. But trust me when I say that I’ll bet one last time. I’ll either have you all, or I won’t.
—  Maz
Even the strong get weary. Rest.
—  Lena Slaughter
My Addiction

Trying to ween myself off this crack pipe but the sweet residue you leave on my lips makes me want to spark back up almost immediately.

But the things you do to my body is unquestionable. Bringing me to my highest of highs but leaving my body weak and feable. I lose my head while on you. How can something that feels so good, be so bad for you?

I may go months, maybe even years leaving you alone, going through my recovery, my detox. I think about the way you taste, the way you made me lose my head, and the high constantly but I never seek you out. I don’t even go around the dealers anymore because I know you will be not to far.

But as soon as you’re in hands reach, I pick you back up again. My bad habit. My addiction.



I met you in a bar
For the first time, although I felt
I had known you
Our journey would be fast
Although I thought it would last

I said ‘I do’
Before I knew
This meant
So young,
So naive but not
I was so full of hope
That the demons would leave

I found you there,
In that place where you had been
Behind the heroin gaze,
I knew you were there,
But where.
Your track marks remained, on the inside and out
‘I’ll just take a nap,’ you said,
I didnt know you meant