You can be down on your knees, sobbing and broken, swearing to a God you may or may not believe in that you’re finally done with your addiction. Your dishes are piling up, your bills are past due, and your job won’t give you any more sick days. But then the morning comes, and at least the dishes aren’t overflowing, the bills haven’t gone to collections, and there are always other jobs. Those are the things you tell yourself in the morning, because maybe today will be different. Maybe today you won’t overdo it. Maybe today it won’t spiral out of control. But if you keep telling yourself those things, you’ll just end up on your knees once again. Sobbing. And broken.
—  Lydia @ edcynic
Addiction is actually a form of learning. … Just like learning a fact is more efficient, sadly, addiction is more efficient in the adolescent brain. That is an important fact for an adolescent to know about themselves — that they can get addicted faster.

Neuroscientist Frances Jensen tells Fresh Air’s Terry  Gross why teens are more prone to addiction. Jensen’s new book is The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults.

Problems Living With A Mental Illness

Everyone is waiting for you to 'wake up' and 'get your head on straight' and 'start taking care of your problems.’ They don’t offer help, only advice on how to hurry up getting yourself 'straightened out.” They won’t offer help until they have judged you’ve already made a lot of progress. Because they feel that offering kindness or assistance when you’re 'down and out' is 'enabling you' to continue being a failure and a disappointment and ‘you won’t learn anything if you don’t do it yourself.’

Their best case scenario is that you never need their help.

That’s like a nurse telling you they have to withhold antibiotics until you have gotten rid of the pus and the red streaks running up your arm towards your heart. Telling you can have the antibiotics once you’ve already started healing on your own. That the doctor can’t justify investing the cost of using antibiotics on you until he knows you will fully recover.

Yeah, well, fuck you.

Being with her is like doing meth. I can’t just have her once. I need her all the time, everyday. And I’m highly addicted… There’s no way in hell I’m gonna give her up. I’ll happily die from an overdose.
—  Oko ninjah

No, You Probably Won’t Get Addicted To Facebook

"As social media use has surged, so too has research on its addictive potential and negative psychological impacts.A number of studies have suggested that social media — Facebook in particular — can co-opt brain circuits implicated in drug addiction. But according to new research, Facebook "addiction" is not only quite different from drug addiction in its effects on the brain, it’s also fairly uncommon."

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I am so inspired by my tumblr friends. I see you reaching out to others who are fresh in their recovery or struggling to recover just as you reached out to me. Having the support and encouragement of others, even strangers, is a great feeling and can make a world of difference. It is so important that we continue to do this. Feeling alone can be very dangerous in recovery, so we have to let others know that they are not alone. In doing so it reminds us that we as well are not alone. Sobriety is a gift and we have to keep on giving.



My CT was clean and normal today! I go back in one year! I am so blessed! For the first time in two months I believe 100% that I am HEALTHY!! Sunday is my 6 month anniversary of my Public Display of Self Love journey! I can’t wait to celebrate all of my hard work. Thank you for all the love, prayers, and support! I am happy and grateful! Xoxo