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Put food, toys, gadgets or any other thing that you want to have so badly right now but you shouldn’t have it, set the timer by a rotating button (it can be set to periods ranging from one minute to ten days), and that’s it. You have only five seconds to change your mind, and after that, the container stays sealed and cannot be opened until the countdown is over.

I’ve never thought of myself as one to have an addiction; something I go back to over and over, no matter how I try to break free. But these nights, I get so lonely, and though I know for certain that I can survive without anyone else, it’s you. It’s you, it’s you, it’s always been you that I beg and plead to keep.

I met Joseph and April walking down the road in Columbus, GA. They came to Columbus to get away from their problems, back home in Orlando, Florida and make a fresh start.

Joseph: Last year on my birthday, I came home from taking a bike ride with my oldest stepson Shane and when we got home, my 6 year old son Collin and 5 year old daughter Samantha had learned to ride their bikes without training wheels. That was one of the best days.

BW: Where are the kids now?

Joseph: They’re with their grandparents, while we’re in transition.

BW: How long have you been out here?

Joseph: This is actually new to me. I came to Columbus to try to change my surroundings so I could change what I was doing.

BW: You mean like addictions?

Joseph: Well… we all have addictions. If you put anything else before God or love anything before him, he’ll take it from you or at least make you suffer until you come back to him. 

finishing up a little gift for my big sister who hit her one month sobriety mark last week! proud as heck of her recovery and the complete turn her life has taken in the past few months. while I haven’t dealt with addiction first hand, I’ve supported a few people through it and grown up with it always in my proximity. I’m lucky to be able to navigate non-sober spaces without feeling triggered or concerned about relapse, but that isn’t everyone’s reality. I’m working on a piece about this for sadweekends #3 ! If you’re currently supporting a loved one with an addiction or struggling in general please reach out - supporters need support too, and I have found it best not to burden the person you’re supporting by asking them to somehow support you as they focus on their recovery. life is hard, ask for help!