Happy Sweaty Selfie Wednesday!
My workout buddy in Kym’s class. We worked hard, and feel fabulous! I am grateful! Xoxo

Learning how to apologize, or maybe I should say, learning how to find the bravery to swallow your pride and give a genuine apology is one of the greatest strengths…because that person can easily say, ‘no go fuck yourself’ at a time where you are at your weakest, your most vulnerable- because you’re being human enough to say, ‘hey, i really messed up and did these terrible things’ and perhaps I’m saying that to say sometimes apologies don’t end with reconciliation or reconnection, sometimes they just are what they need to be in that moment…something for all the times you gave nothing
—  my therapist

True life:  My caffeine addiction has gotten so severe that I receive withdrawal symptoms in my sleep and wake up with horrible pounding headaches that only go away with coffee consumption (aspirin and/or allergy medication does not work).  I feel like I need caffeine to feel normal if that makes any sense… I think it is about that time to do a caffeine detox.. Anyone have any methods or tips to wean off of caffeine? Thanks!

The Persistent Stigma of Substance Use Disorders

“Stigma is a five dollar word for a two dollar concept. It’s prejudice.” Stigma, a set of negative stereotypes tied to behavioral health conditions, is not a new problem. Results of a recent survey suggest that views may be changing when it comes to mental illness. Advocacy efforts are getting…


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This quote is inspired by my very best friends ten year old niece, Shelby. I was so inspired by what she said that I knew I had to do something with her words, so I rearranged them a little bit and stuck them on this picture of a cow in a situation similar to the one I am about to share with you.

Shelby raises steer and shows them at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. This year her steer placed very high and the local newspaper interviewed her. She explained how she and her dad found her prize steer. The first time she saw him he had gotten his head stuck under a fence, “He almost died. His neck was all swollen. But we still knew he was very, very good,” she said.

Some people may have over looked “Lucky” the steer and passed him off for lack of smarts or some other reason. But Shelby saw something very, very good in him so she gave him a chance. My guess is that she saw his determination. Lucky really wanted what was on the other side of that fence and he was determined to get it in spite of the challenge and the risk of getting hurt. Lucky turned out to be a prize winning steer at the worlds largest rodeo because someone saw something great in him.

So the next time you get your head stuck under the fence or see someone else in the same predicament, do not give up on yourself or them. If you do, you might miss out on something very, very good.

~ Lena Slaughter

PS. Congratulations Shelby!

OKAY now, listening to the news from the other room, I couldn’t help but notice them mention the rumor Britney Spears just got out of rehab. They say it was for a prescription to vyvanse, and bothered to mention that it can give great energy increases as well as… decrease appetite. It’s worth it to mention that there was a heavy pause before the final tidbit. Right after, though, they say how Jon Hamm just completed rehab for alcohol addiction, and actually supplied plausible fact that the addiction stemmed from depression following a death. They called him brave, but basically implied Britney Spears is fat or… Something, I dunno. I just know it didn’t feel very equitable.