a news fan blog #24

Also I know that except for dear addictdesu no one actually read all my blahblogging, and you only care about my gifs (which I can’t make on the phone - yet) so I don’t know why I apologise~

Anyway. I stopped going to university and I’ll stay out there for a whole year. Because of that, I found a job! I wanted to find a job before but it was hard, and I only got it now. So I’m teaching English! I teach for teenagers, adults and even some cute old people. It’s a lot of fun! I’m still a bit scared I don’t do anything right because it’s the first time I actually teach being paid for that. Also I got the classes after a teacher left, so they were used to another person and might not be so open to me, just like one 60-year-old student who didn’t want to have classes with some 19-year-old girl. Well, his loss 😙
Well, because of all that I’m still getting used to the routine and though I thought sometimes “oh I could post now” I ended up forgeting right away. Oops.

But I indeed started a Shige fanfiction and intend to finish it soon to post here.

I’ve seen a lot of things about NEWS now, that 4x9 program that I didn’t understand very well until now but am hardly cheering for them as usual! And the magazine pictures _O_M_G_. How can they be so beeeeeautiful and sexy and awesome and nhkfldjhmglsnsmhkglsmf
I can’t.

Oh yeah! In last Menai Koya posted a drawing of him as a fox right???? My favourite animal is fox and I’ve been admiring Koya so much lately I almost traded Shige for him~ hahaha
Funny thing is that my sis’ ichiban is Koya, so I told her that and she was like ” 😒 dont you dare hitting on my purple boy~ 😠”
Hehe sorry sis~ he’s just attractive and sweet and cute and adorable and~
Ok, I love you Shige. Don’t worry.

Other thing I wanted to mention bur there’s nothing to do with NEWS, some other day I found out about SOLIDEMO and OH MY FUCKING GOD THEY ARE SO GOOD! At first I only watched the covers and fell in love with them because their voices~ if you haven’t given out a try for them, you won’t regret! I’m still looking for full versions of some of their own songs so if anyone knows I’d appreciate! I like Akito-kun and Yuki-kun already ❤

I don’t have much to say today, I just wanted to come by and say something~
I’ll try to post the Shige fanfiction soon and if it gets a good response I’ll try to write the other members’ too!
Oh it’s not going to be a shipping fanfiction because I don’t like to ship group members~ it’ll have a random name or even (Your Name) so you can picture yourself there, which I believe is the most magical thing about fanfictions hehe

Well, see ya Paanas!


addictdesu said: They said his role in Shissou is arguably the best he’s ever done. Probably because of the theme. Dark themes suit him well asdfghjkljbdjsdbakbdasd;;

Oh, Shissou is one of the darkest movies I have ever seen. I love and hate such movies at the same time. I already said everything I think about Shissou in my previous post. I really really think they need to start using Tegoshi for creating super creepy, dangerous, unstable psychopaths characters. When he plays dark characters he immediatly stops looking cute and innocent. It seems like his whole face changes, and he looks nothing like himself. And I adore that. Each time Tegoshi frowns gives me shivers and goosebumps. I love it so much. 

addictdesu said:

"And since I only do reblogs, no one notices me T_T" (from your 'about' section) . But I noticed you LOL xDDDD

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH SOMEONE NOTICED ME im watching hotaru then i saw this and im just happy aaaaaah

addictdesu said: I love you almost as much as you love Sho (I just have to put the ‘almost’ because I can’t really tell how much you love him LOL~~) advance happy hearts day ^^

Oh dang. That’s deep.

Now I’m all embarrassed!


You are so sweet <3

a news fan blog #25

Wow 25 already! This time I didn’t take so long~
I’m waiting my friend because we’ll spend the weekend together so I thought meanwhile I’d come here.

Even though I don’t have anything special to talk about.

Dear addictdesu said that maybe there are silent readers of this blog and I kept thinking about it. Hello, if you’re there. I’m sorry to bother your fabulous Friday.

So, I just finished the second chapter of my Shige fanfic, then I might post the first one soon. I think maybe you’ll like it. It’s kind funny and the end of the chapter is very silly lol I hope you enjoy~

The name is 名前のないメモ (Namae no nai MEMO) - see what I did there?? Hahaha
I’m not sure if I can use “memo” for what’s in the story, but whatever.

I’m excited to see what would you say about it.

When I post, say something about it, please. When it’s about fanfictions, don’t be a silent reader. Feedback is important.

Oh, I just wrote ‘feedback’ and then remembered.
Teaching English turned out to be really fun. I’m enjoying a lot. What I like most is when someone doesn’t understand a word and I tey to explain, and I realise I know how to explain even though I didn’t know that before.
For example, ‘feedback’. Is when you receive something from someone, but then gives them something back. Like food.
Or ‘fed up with’. That you’ve taken so much food in you won’t be able to take anything else.
For English native speakers this might sound like “duh” but I never thought about the relation with the words, I’ve just learnt them.
I became fluent in English in about 3~4 years. I don’t think that’s much. I just studied at school before, and then took extra classes for three years. After that, I knew enough so I just had conversation classes. My English is not perfect and there’s a lot of vocabulary missing, but I’m very happy when someone compliments me for it.
And be teaching shows me a lot more that I thought I knew but actually didn’t. It’s awesome~

In other words, I’m enjoying the job. Lol
I don’t know why I said all that.

Anyway, please wait for my fanfiction! And ignore the English mistakes that there are xD

Thank you for your attention!~