Mark Foster, Foster the People performing at Cricket Wireless, San Diego on May 25, 2012. [x]

  "Uh, you know another funny thing about my first concert experience with these guys- in Cleveland- and I’d never been to a show before so I didn’t really know that there was such, such a thing as an opening act. I thought, you know, you bought a ticket. You saw the band that you wanted to see.

   And, uh, I was- you know, being a little kid, I was really sensitive. And uh, this band came on, they started playing the show, and there’s this guy in tight sequined silver pants running around on the stage with a tight black shirt and he was doing the splits. And he was, you know, like doing kicks and like, rock star moves. You know, and- and I didn’t know any of the songs. And… coming from a seven year old’s mind, you know, I thought it was The Beach Boys, and I thought that they were modern now, and they changed, and that these were all new songs that they were playing. So I just started crying. (Audience laughs).

  Ha, and- and my mom, was not really- she’s pretty naive, too. She- she wasn’t really in the know. She hadn’t really been to a lot shows either. So I just remember like, crying in her lap being like, ‘Is this The Beach Boys?’, and she turned around and asked the people behind us and they’re like, 'No, I think it’s David Cassidy.’ And then… and then The Beach Boys came up and- and killed it and I sang every word. Anyway, so it’s funny, so we’re playing in that same venue in Cleveland where I saw them play. We’re playing with them again. That’s- that’s the other show that we’re playing with them this year. Twenty years later we’re playing with them, um, at that place where I saw them for the first time.

  Yes, uh… And tonight, I kinda realized one thing. There’s gonna be some six year old kid there in Cleveland watching the show, seeing me on stage and dancing and being like ’…’, and start crying… and think it’s The Beach Boys or something. Now I’m the David Cassidy wearing tight silver pants doing the splits. (Laughs). Ohhh. Some things get better with age, you know. Some things get worse. My dance moves have definitely gotten worse.“