This picture is not intended to seek attention, nor sympathy. I have started my own little project in hopes of recovering from self harm. I am 2 weeks clean today. Two week ago, Wednesday, I relapsed. The day after I came up with this project; I call it the Tally Project. Whenever I have the thought of harming myself I will grab a pen and make a tally. Throughout the day, whenever I catch myself thinking of relapsing I will draw a tally mark. At the end of the day, count your tallies and write the amount that you have on a piece of paper, next to that amount write your goal amount of tallies next to it. If you complete your set amount the following day, reward yourself; whether it be with food, or a hot bath. I hope this will help anyone with a self harm addiction such as I. I want everyone to know that I am here for anyone who needs someone to talk too. I can just be a soundboard for anyone who needs it. Please Stay Strong<3

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