DiE/vDiE x Lusa x MM/vMM Headcanon #1: Diabolic Psyker

Both Mastermind and Diabolic fight over Lusa, one trying to keep him sane while the other tries to bring him into insanity. Both of them have viable points, one being he doesn’t have to hold back his powers, to let loose and let the world burn and he enjoy himself; the other states that there are more important things than seeking revenge on the world, such as improving himself and his fighting skills and keep his head about him.

Which way to go..?


Effin awesome

Diabolic Psyker Headcanon #3: Truth or lies?

Mastermind and Diabolic tend to..word things differently from time to time, even twist and change around terms causing Lusa to have trouble know what’s true or false. they sneak in words from time to time, playing it off as casual talk. They send in hidden messages, make certain gestures to throw the other off.

One moment, Diabolic could be sweet and maybe even harmless for a few minutes.
                                            the next? 

         Mastermind could change that up with a few choice lines of who and what he’s killed..

One moment, Mastermind could seem like a cool and collected guy.

                                             the next?

        Perhaps the Virus_Code ISN’T so friendly, after all.

What’s false of fiction? 
   Who’s actually a fake?

What if he makes the wrong choice?