You know, I never see any positivity posts for people who have ADHD and struggled because of it. So shout out to ADHD kids who:

  •  Were told they were just lazy, stupid, or weren’t applying themselves
  •  Were put on medications with side effects worse than the intended effect
  • Tried so hard to study, and just couldn’t do it
  • Who had to be pulled from regular classes to be put into smaller ones away from all of their friends, and later had to awkwardly explain or excuse why
  •  Have so many incomplete works because they got distracted and just never went back to it
  •  Could relate to the “stupid” characters in TV shows who were forgetful or easily distracted and treated as a joke
  •  Had their interests/hobbies taken away from them as a last-ditch attempt to get them to focus
  •  Are always running late
  •  Are effected by their ADHD daily and ignored by the mentally ill community for ADHD “not being serious enough.”

You’re super cute, and great for getting through all of that.

The biggest reason we need #noshameday is the fact that I made this poster, yet I am afraid to leave the house with it. I am afraid of someone telling me my disorder isn’t real. I am afraid of people scoffing at me, then telling me how they abused their kids to beat the ADHD out of them. I am afraid of people telling me I have no right to participate in #noshameday because ADHD doesnt make me mentally ill enough.

Growing up in the 90s, nobody understood ADHD. Least of all teachers. Not to mention ADHD children are among the most targeted for physical and social bullying. Oh. and this was before any of those widespread anti bullying campaigns that are so commonplace now. All someone would have to do is taunt me a little bit and the rage would make me explode. I got into physical fights at least once a month and yet always got worse punishments than my abusers. I was impulsive. I was emotional. I talked very very fast.

Yet even to this day I get compared to other children with ADHD because they dont act as “bad” as I do. I’m told it’s because of what I’m eating. People also literally have the audacity to say I wasn’t hit enough as a child. (As a matter of fact, I had my hair pulled out of my skull and have been sat on. Good enough for you?)

I’m posting in #noshameday because I am constantly reminded that I should feel ashamed of my disorder and the socalled burden it makes of me. I’m posting because I want to be brave. I don’t need to get rid of my ADHD. I work with it. And I want everyone who thinks they have ADHD to not have to go through the years of “is it real” like I have.

It is real. And it doesnt make you anything less.