Elgang Reacting To Bugs

Elsword:  Freaks out and uses his sword as a flyswatter.  He’s prone to demolishing rooms when he sees a spider.

Aisha:  Depending on her mood, she’ll either fireball the bug or simply swat it with her staff.  The size of the bug is a factor, too.

Rena:  Why would the elf kill a bug?  She quietly shepherds it outside to its natural habitat, admiring its pretty shell and adorable face all the while.

Raven:  Quietly steps on it and goes about his day.

Eve: Bugs?  Why should such lowly carbon-based organisms bother the Nasod Queen?

Chung: There’s a reason this kid can kill with his yells, and it has a lot to do with Hamel’s giant-ass spiders.

Ara:  Makes Eun take care of the bug for her.  She’s absolutely disgusted when Eun does the natural thing for a fox and eats the poor insect.

Elesis: Probably the calmest about bugs beside Raven.  Depending on its size, however, she will kill it with fire.

Add: The slave camps had a lot of bugs.  Doesn’t mean the Tracer likes them.  Good thing they can be electrocuted by his Dynamo - possibly with a surprised shriek in the interim.

Lu: She’s never really encountered creepy-crawlies in the demon realm.  First time she sees one, she tries to say hello to it.  Ciel finds her giggling with a cockroach in her hair and does his “Lu what on earth are you doing” routine.

Ciel: Bugs are small, but they are NOT cute, and as such, they do not get any mercy from him.  He nearly shot Raven once when he saw a spider and it scurried behind Raven.

MasterMind's Science Class
  • Add(MasterMind):If you would go to page 78, you'll read there that even male organisms aren't made of 100% testosterone.
  • Elsword(Lord Knight):Wait, we... Aren't???
  • Add:Aren't you listening, you brat?! *slams the desk*
  • Elsword:Why should I??? Science is BOOOORING.
  • Raven(Reckless Fist):I'm still surprised that we can't even be 100% manly.
  • Ciel(Royal Guard):It does say in this book that even females have testosterone in them. *looks at Elesis*
  • Elsword:Please don't look at my sister like she's even manlier than us!
  • Add:I bet the females would say the same with regards to Chung.
  • Everyone:*looks at Chung*
  • Chung:... Yes?
  • Add:*snerks* Like I said, even male organisms aren't made of 100% testosterone.
  • Chung:*breaks Add's fragile fingers*
  • Raven:We sometimes forget that even though he looks like a girl, Chung's still stronger than Add when it comes to physical strength.
  • Elsword and Ciel:*nods*

Neil deGrasse Tyson Has Super Stellar Reply To Girl’s Question About Learning Disabilities

Neil deGrasse Tyson has already taught us all about the cosmos and outer space. But his response to this question is what’s really out of this world.

At a recent talk, a girl walks up to the microphone and asks the astrophysicist if there are people with dyslexia in his field. Tyson explains that yes, there are, as well as colleagues with a number of other types of learning disabilities. Citing autism, dyscalculia and ADD as examples, Tyson explains that rather than seeing these conditions and disorders as a hindrance, they are empowering.

“The answer is yes, but it’s a hurdle,” Tyson says. “But in the Olympics, what do you do when you come up to a hurdle? You jump over it.”