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MM x reader in school? ouo

·         Add is always that one smart ass in school, which doesn’t really have to try to get good grades in school. This frustrates you because you have to actually work your ass off to get somewhat decent grades in school. Whenever, the teacher is explaining the lesson to all of the students, you always hear Add laugh at a simple mistake that the teacher makes. Like the asshole Add is, he has to correct the teacher. Normally, you would try to get him to sit down and shut up, so class can continue on, but Add would never allow a simple mistake go.

·         Believe it or not, Add doesn’t spend all of his time in class, correcting teachers and aceing pretty much every assignment that the teacher gives him; he spends the rest of his time, looming over you, invading your personal space. If you get stuck on a problem, you obviously attempt to ask the teacher to explain the problem. Before, anyone can response Add just jumps up and clears his throat. “I can do this.” You just sigh, and look at Add in disbelief; he sits there with a confident gaze as you quickly yank him down and press your lips against his to just shut him up.

·         Add never really handled public embarrassment well, so, his cheeks dyed a tinge of red, the genius slinking back into his seat, silently helping you with your problem. Although Add doesn’t show it, he really shows great concern for your wellbeing and overall grades; however, at times you feel that it is your grades that he worries about more than you. The only class that Mastermind seems to struggle in is P.E. 

·         In health, he’s normally spot on and cool like he is when it comes to all of his other classes he is as smart as a whip, but physical education? Please, help this poor child, he never finishes any endurance runs, he often gets his ass handed to him in dodgeball, getting hit with more than one ball. Every day after the class is over or as Add calls it “Torture.” You often have to hug and kiss him to make him feel better then he goes back to normal.

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