“Heute ist internationaler Frauentag. Wir grüßen alle Frauen, die dem perfekten Bild der Frau nicht entsprechen und dieses Werbeplakat für sexistische Kackscheiße halten.” [Today is international women’s day. We salute all women, who do not conform to that perfect image of women and who think this ad poster is sexist bullshit.] – found by Namito in Prenzlauer Berg

DIMENSIONS: 28 X 36 Inches

-Torn poster from a wall
-Acrylic paint
-Wheat paste
-Construction site wood

This is an original artwork made using “found” materials from New York City. The board was taken from a construction site on Renwick and Canal and the poster was a high end fashion paste up torn off a wall on Greenwich and Christopher st. The poster was pasted using homemade wheat paste with acrylic paint. The original profile of the wood is still intact. This piece is ready to hang.


If you’re only going to watch one cyberpunk-related video this week, make it this video.


GOOD: What is cARTographyTO’s overall philosophy?

cARTographyTO: We believe that it is sometimes necessary to reclaim public space from persistent and predatory private interests through non-violent and non-destructive creative tactics. We believe it is important to remain active and engaged with the city around us and we aim to raise awareness and generate discussion about our public spaces.

We think these structures should be removed entirely, but failing this, that the structures should be drastically redesigned: Ads should be removed and useful information should be an integral part of any “Info” pillars. In many cases, the art pieces that cARTographyTO installed were maps of the surrounding neighborhood—the contributor’s personal take on the area, its composition, complete with wayfinding tips.

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