Pakistan’s Hidden Shame on 4 on Demand. Watch Pakistan’s Hidden Shame online when you want on 4oD. Pakistan is one of the world’s most important Muslim nations. It’s a nuclear power, it’s allied to the West in the war against terror, and it’s a democracy. But Pakistan is also a country in denial, turning a blind eye to the sexual exploitation of many thousands of poor and vulnerable children. It’s estimated that over four million children across Pakistan are forced to work from an early age due to poverty, and, of these, up to one and a half million live on the streets. This documentary focuses on the north-western city of Peshawar, where it is estimated that nine out of ten street children have been sexually abused.

Found it. Only viewable in the UK unless you have proxies. Won’t play if you have adblock.

It’s pretty gut wrenching hearing boys as young as 8 describing the sexual acts done to them, and which they’ve done for food and money, so casually. Some go on to repeat the abuse to others and most of the abusers were victims themselves, further demonstrating the cyclical nature of abuse.

About three quarters of the way through, they try to shoehorn some “oppression of women” explanation in there, despite many people actually being concerned about the safety of any women that might find themselves there. And the fact that male victims who repeat the abuse, tend to target other males, females victims of women target other females, male victims of women target females and vice versa. So a boy abused by a man wouldn’t be likely to abuse women. Then say that the society wants to protect women despite the fact they said they were detested objects. That they have no rights then immediately show an educated woman who was working with the boys. It felt very much like a sort of disclaimer, that they have to throw in a “women affected worse” line in there to justify their focus on male victims.

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Cr1tikal’s thoughts on people having fandom wars in the comments of his videos. Worth bringing up again with his surge in popularity.

Also, please be sure to watch his stuff without adblocker. Every cent of his ad revenue goes to charity.

PSA for the oncoming bullshit apologies

I’m really looking forward to advertiser backlash against these video game shitkickers (Tumblr won’t allow me to use the appropriate amount of quotation marks around the word “journalists” to properly emphasize how sarcastic I can be) and the oncoming wave of half handed bullshit apologies they send out to cover their asses. 

I don’t normally tell my followers to do stuff but chances are a lot of these shitbags will be doing it on Twitter and if you have one, feel free to respond with something along the lines of “apology unaccepted.” These people don’t deserve leg room after the shit they’ve pulled. They’ve had a second chance when they could have condemned their peers for their unethical behavior but instead they decided to shit on the gamers, not just the trolls and critics but everyone who calls themselves a gamer. 

Don’t be afraid to follow up with “And I won’t be reading anything from you again and will have adblock turned on when visiting [site they work with] because of this.” 

Basically, make sure they know we’re not going to take this shit and more importantly, make sure their advertisers know we’re not going to take this shit. They like to act high and mighty calling every gamer a sexist for not agreeing with their gender politics but even they back down when their source of income is at stake. 

I might even get myself a twitter and join the fun. 

short-awkward-me said:

Can you tell me where you watch Free? I think your posts have convinced me to start watching it x3


[insert triumphant dork-ass Rei laugh]

NIIIIICE that’s what I’m here for.

As for where I watch it: I watched the first season on Crunchyroll, but I’m watching Eternal Summer on Gogoanime. Both probably offer a better experience if you have an AdBlocker of some sort on your browser. Especially with Gogoanime, because my first experience with episode one kept being interrupted during inappropriate times with Marie Calendar ads that were blasting OVER the audio for the anime. So yeah, adblock.

@crackinwise replied to your post: This makes reblogging myself more diff…

does your desktop chrome have any other extensions or overprotective firewall active?

I already went through all my extensions. And it was the one that I had on here the longest. =| Oh, AdBlock. Why do you hate my site and not everyone else’s? (Really, it shows it for everyone else—including other .com Tumblrs.) Siiiggghhh.

Remove sponsored posts from your dash

I’m sure xkit will have a fix for this soon, but in case you don’t use addons but do use Adblock, just add this custom filter:[class*="sponsored_post"]

And voila, those ads disappear. You won’t even know they ever existed. :)

edit: Looks like tumblr changed the code for sponsored posts. If they peek through, add this filter:[class*="sponsored_post"]

edit again: One more filter that also helps to catch ads:[data-sponsored="1"]

And I’ll keep this updated in case it changes again.

Again, a reminder

We have essentially reached the point where the idea that criticism, regardless of source or amount, can affect these people is laughable.

The only remaining recourse is to hit wallets.

A collection of advertisers of major gaming journalism websites can be found here. Contact them and voice your displeasure with whom they have chosen to support.

Make sure to install Adblock, if you haven’t already. Encourage those who haven’t installed it to do so.

Make sure to use DoNotLink. Again, encourage others to do so. These two points will do the most if widely disseminated. 

If you want to go above Stephen Totilo’s head on the actions of Kotaku contributors, you can always email

A Few Words on Adblock from Someone Who Actually Works in Advertising

So Twitter is blowing up this morning because AdBlock (no relation to Adblock Plus) is running a crowd funding campaign to raise money to run ads supporting Adblock. It’s gotten pretty heated on both sides, and frankly, it’s about time we got down to brass tacks about how website ads that nobody actually looks at or engages with plays into a larger problem about the uselessness of the majority of advertising in the modern era. 

A couple years ago MarketingWeek came out with a study that about three quarters of CEOs say marketers lack any sort of credibility and can’t prove a return on investment for their work - too obsessed with “social media” and “brand values” to have any relevant perspective to their work, they have become the leeches upon society. From worthless web banners to “viral” staged advertising stunts filled with nothing but paid actors, advertising has a number of completely idiotic modern practices with zero value to anyone, unless you value “social media metrics” or someone simply seeing an advertisement as a justification of ridiculously bloated marketing budgets.

Internet advertisers have arisen from the growth of this monster - getting people to shove banner ads filled with crap they don’t know about all over their webzones in the hopes of sustaining themselves off of the revenue. It wasn’t long before they become massively intrusive and at time outright malicious - from phishing attacks to malware to spyware to viruses - all sorts of hazardous things that could affect a computer. When users had these malicious advertisements screw with their computer, they’d complain to the webmaster, who would have to complain to their advertising provider, who may or may not take the ad down, and if they did, it’d take a great deal of time.


So the situation that so many “content providers” are trying to thrive off of is a wild west of marketers who can’t provide a real return on investment to shareholders and would rather leech off of budgets shoving bullshit into honest users’ faces who simply wanted to check out a funny webcomic or read a game review. In the infinite void of noise on the Internet, web advertising is the biggest culprit of the bunch - providing zero real benefit to anyone, ignored unanimously, and pretending that visibility equals sales, whilst providing a risk for “content providers” and honest web surfers. 

It wasn’t long before Adblock arose, giving users an option to opt-out of this forced, completely dishonest, and at times harmful revenue model. Now you could surf the web and provide an extra layer of protection to your computer - why wouldn’t you want that? Sure, maybe your favorite websites would lose your three cents or whatever from not viewing a shitty ad, but it was worth the extra layer of protection. You can “whitelist” your favorite websites, but that’s no guarantee their advertising provider won’t push through a malicious advertisement. Or a bigoted, misogynist web ad, which everyone has a human right to opt out of.

As this become popular, a great deal of “content providers” started complaining - two staff members of Giant Bomb dot com on a stream of mostly paid subscribers referred to those who use adblock as “pirates” - which a great deal of them were using. Adblock users have been referred to as a number of things, like “thieves,” “hurtful,” “entitled,” trying to shame people who were fed up having a damaging onslaught of noise forced onto their computer without their consent. 


Here’s the problem with all the attempts to shame someone for using Adblock - you as an owner of a computer have an innate right to protect your shit by any means necessary. You have zero obligation to risk viruses and other malicious content on computer, regardless of some pretentious “content creator’s” “revenue stream,” and fuck them if they try to make you feel guilty for it. A large part of web ads are malicious, misogynist, full of malware/ransomware, and are a risk to your computer - the sooner the people behind websites stop playing the victim, clutching pearls and calling everyone on the Internet thieves, and abandon this revenue model, the better off we’ll all be.

Because right now, it’s an intellectually dishonest shitshow with nothing but insults and ill will, which is going to lead to what? Government subsidized Let’s Plays? Obama standing tall on a podium, demanding ad blockers to tear down this wall? We’re already calling people who use Adblock “content pirates,” which I guess means that borrowing a friend’s newspaper is piracy, we’re all downloading cars, inviting one too many friends over for a wrestling pay per view is piracy, skipping forward 15 seconds on a ad-supported podcast is piracy, reading Breaking Bad spoilers is piracy - the list goes on forever of how “content creators” should be guaranteed a revenue from the public.

Then you have the complaint of “you’re cheating content producers out of their money” by protecting your computer from malicious software. Well what if that “content” sucks? What if I don’t think you should get corporate welfare from nefarious advertisers for screaming “rape” over and over whilst playing a bad horror game about Slenderman? What kind of bizarre fucking anarcho-capitalist state did we wake up in where being a “content provider” should guarantee you make money? 

That’s rather grossly manipulative entitlement speaking, more so than anything else. You hear so many people like games critics tell the unwashed masses to vote with their wallet, but when it comes to their own spaces? Whenever it comes down to a corporation versus their userbase, they’ll be the first in line to damn the user. Never advertising providers, who refuse to properly vet the ads that go up on websites. 

Revenue requires risk, and when it comes to things as petty as videogame articles on the Internet and bad Youtube Let’s Plays, the invisible hand of the free market isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Adblock rose to popularity due to people growing fed up with risking their computer being infected by malicious advertisements, and the Internet’s going to have to learn to adapt - whether that be by ensuring ads aren’t filled with hot garbage, or finding a new revenue model, whether that be in subscriptions or something else, hopefully of value. 


As of right now? Shit’s pretty fucked, everyone knows this - advertisements are a horrible business model that’s being propped up by the incumbent, but apparently it’s the web surfer’s responsibility to prop them up otherwise you’re a no-good stinkin’ web content pirate. And if you play nice and get malware? Well that’s the price of supporting my poorly made retro reviews of old, bad horror movies where I profit off of riffing on someone else’s intellectual property without their permission! Give me my money!

On top of ads, a number of sites are also running scripts in the background to gather information on you and show you a bunch of ads, without telling you. If anyone’s entitled and being a “pirate,” it’s website providers dictating how you can interact with the web without your consent or knowledge, collecting data on you and forcing malicious software on you without your knowledge or agreement for their personal profit. 

So more power to Adblock and NoScript - the closer we get to forcing the Internet to accepting a more honest approach to how it treats it’s surfers. Everyone has a right to interact with the Internet on their own terms, regardless of the cost to “content creators” and lecherous advertisers trying to prop up a dying market of web advertising. Many will fail, many will innovate, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll have a better Internet in a decade’s time. 

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vol 1 of the kill la kill dub released on saturday, and i managed to get my hands on a copy of it at AX! which means that if you want the dub, here it is.

episodes one through four, with more to come as subsequent volumes get released! because i love you.

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So Bob Chipman AKA Moviebob AKA The Game Overthinker AKA Enormous Tool went on a wild anti-adblock tirade today.

As I have mentioned before, such tirades can easily be translated from bullshit into their true meaning: “Why am I not making as much money as I think I should be making, I shall blame everyone but myself despite all the people making comfortable amounts even with some of their audience using adblock.”

Bitching about it while publishing your content on a site that has a shitty history of running invasive adverts is laughable as well.

How to remove that scary 'Unfollow' button

All you need to do is get an ad-blocking extension for your browser. (Adblock+ for Firefox and Adblock for Chrome have been tested.) Once it has been installed, find the place where you can add your own filters. Then put in the following:[action=”/unfollow”]

Then save the settings and refresh the tumblelog that you were on. You should see that it won’t have the ‘Unfollow’ button next to the ‘Dashboard’ one. However if you visit a tumblelog that you don’t follow, the ‘Follow’ button will be there. (This filter only removes the ‘form’ element that has ‘/unfollow’ as the action; AKA the ‘Unfollow’ button.)