Emmy and Daddy (my first abdl story)

Emmy kept staring at the clock on the wall. Lisa, her babysitter, told her that when the big hand got to the 12 and the little hand got to the 6, her daddy should be home.

Emmy counted on her fingers and thought, just ten more minutes and Daddy should be home!

With this in mind, Emmy raced down the stairs. She stopped to take a good look in the mirror. Her long, brown hair was carefully placed in pigtails, just like Daddy liked. Her cute, pink overall dress barely covered her diaper and her ruffly socks added the perfect touch to make her feel like the little 2 year old she longed to be.

She was pleased with what she saw in the mirror. Daddy would be, too, and that was most important to Emmy. Seeing the look on Daddy’s face when he came home from his tiring job every day made Emmy want to jump up and down. He might walk through the door looking like he was up to his elbows in paperwork all day but as soon as he saw her smiling face, he couldn’t resist but become reenergized and smile along with her.

She was his pride and joy. Daddy looked forward to caring for her every night. Feeding her a bottle, changing her diaper, and rocking her to sleep were a few of his favorite things to do. Emmy knew this, too. She had him wrapped around her little finger.

All of these thoughts were going through Emmy’s mind while she was staring at the mirror. She forgot that Daddy was due any minute until the door opened up. Emmy immediately smiled and ran to the door.

“Daddy, Daddy,” Emmy exclaimed.

“Little one! Daddy missed you so much today.” Daddy picked up his little girl and gave her a big hug. “Wow. You look so pretty. You are the prettiest little girl in the whole world.”

She blushed, burying her face into his chest.

“What did you today?”

Emmy went on about how she made him a picture with her new paints and how Lisa let her watch Frozen, her favorite movie. She told Daddy all about how she went to the park and how Lisa pushed her on the “big girl” swing.

“Sounds like you had a long day, princess.” Emmy smiled and nodded.

Daddy set Emmy down on her special rug in front of the TV and paid the babysitter.

“Let’s put on some cartoons for you to watch while daddy makes dinner, okay?”

“Pwease can I watch Frozen again? Pwetty pwease, Daddy?”

“Sure, little one.”

Daddy put her movie on and began making dinner. He would check in on her from time to time, catching her singing and dancing to her favorite parts.

“Okay, sweetie, dinner’s ready!”

Emmy grabbed her favorite stuffy, Pepper, and ran to the kitchen. She could already smell the spaghetti and it made her mouth water. She ate quickly so she could finish watching her movie.

“Slow down, baby girl. Your movie will still be there when you’re done,” Daddy chuckled.

“But Daddy! I has to be there to sing the next song! Anna can’t do it wifout me.”

Daddy laughed and said, “Okay, little one.”

“All done!”

“Oh, I don’t think so, young lady. I want you to finish half of your milk before you go finish your movie.”

Emmy started to pout. She didn’t want to finish her milk, she wanted to go watch her movie.

“Noo! I wanna watch my movie, Dada!”

“And I want you to finish your milk. I’m not making you drink the whole baba, just half.”

“No, no, no! No milk. Pwease no milk,” Emmy begged as tears started to form in her eyes.

“This isn’t an option, baby girl. Don’t argue with Daddy. You know what will come of that.”

Emmy had enough. She started crying and kicking in her chair. She pushed her bottle off the table and said, “No baba for me! I’m gonna watch my movie!”

She excused herself from the table and went to go watch her movie.

Daddy immediately followed her and turned off the TV.

“Little girl, this is not how you are to behave. You will not throw your bottle and you will not argue with me, do you understand?”

“No! I want my movie!” Emmy stuck her tongue out at her Daddy and immediately regret it.

He was shocked at her disobedient behavior. It was rare that Emmy acted out and was normally very well behaved.

Daddy grabbed Emmy by the hand and brought her over to the couch. He bent the little girl over his knee and said, “I love you but no little girl of mine will talk to me that way.” Emmy struggled to try and get away, immediately apologizing for what she had done.

“I sowwy, Dada! I sowwy,” Emmy said with tears already streaming from her eyes.

Daddy then gave Emmy 10 hard spankings on her padded butt. Emmy howled at the stinging pain that she felt. Daddy then lifted her up and sternly said, “Go get in the corner and let me know when you’re ready to talk about it.”

Emmy rushed to the corner, rubbing her little bottom, knowing it was already red. She sobbed for a little while, cursing herself for acting out when she knew she could be watching Frozen if only she had listened to Daddy. After a few minutes, Emmy stopped crying and called out for Daddy.

“Daddy? I’m ready now pwease.”

Daddy went to Emmy and gently grabbed her by the hand. He led her to the couch and sat her on his lap, letting her lay on him as he held her. He started rubbing her diapered butt and said, “Little one, do you know why you got spankings tonight?”

Embarrassed, Emmy shook her head yes and once again buried her head into Daddy’s chest.

“Tell me why.”

“Because I wouldn’t drink my milk.”

“Yes, that. But also because you talked back to Daddy. Does Daddy talk back to you?”

Emmy started crying again. “No…”

“Do you think it is right for you to talk back to me?”


“No, what?”

“No, sir.”

“That’s right, little girl. It’s not okay. Daddy loves you very much, but he will not tolerate a misbehaved little girl.”

“I so sowwy, Dada. I didn’t mean to. It’s just that I was e’cited about my movie. And Pepper was, too!” Emmy gave Daddy a big hug.

“How about this: I go get your baba and you can watch your movie while your drink it.”

“Yes, pwease!”

Daddy got his princess a new bottle from the kitchen. He came back into the living room and resumed the movie. Emmy yawned and climbed into Daddy’s lap. He held her with gentle care as he fed her, her bottle. Emmy suckled between laughs at the movie. Daddy looked down at her all the while, admiring what he had. Such a precious little girl, he thought. How did I get so lucky?

She gazed up at him and said, “I love you, Dada.”

He smiled and said, “I love you so much more, my little princess.”

Emmy’s eyes grew heavier as her tummy was filled with the milk. Daddy started to pat her back while she was still suckling on her bottle. Before he knew it, she drifted off to a land where her sweetest dreams awaited her.

He picked her up, brought her to her nursery and laid her on the changing table. Daddy felt her diaper, realized it was soaked and decided to change her. He carefully took off her diaper, cleaned her up, and placed a new one under her bottom. She stirred a little as he did this so he tried to finish quickly. He took off her dress and laid her in her crib.

Emmy started to whimper so Daddy took out her favorite paci, gently placed it in her mouth and gave her Pepper to snuggle. She immediately stopped whimpering and held on to Pepper tightly.

He looked down at his angel. He felt warm and happy, knowing that he was the luckiest Daddy in the world. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow, when he would be able to hold her again.

“Good night, little one,” he whispered. “Daddy loves you so much.”

(This is my first story, friends, and feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks so much for reading.)