Does feeling blue really mean you're FEELING blue?

Does feeling blue really mean you’re FEELING blue?

This weekend I woke up with the best attitude and the brightest smile. Bored of the deep red & deep purple tones lips, I unburied a small tube filled with wishes!

“I wish I was daring enough to wear this in public”

“I wish I could pull this off”

“I wish I would have bought a more subtle colour”

Feeling a need to project how I felt that bright, sunny morning, I opted against my worries and puckered up.

Of course I received the few odd looks, the fewer but lovely compliments and the awkward shuffles away from those who did not know what to say neither where to look.

However, if you’re going to die of shame or embarrassment, you may as well die fashionably.

What’s the worst that can happen? You may end up feeling a little BLUE after all!



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