Got an idea for an app? Everything you need is in your pocket. That’s right, your smartphone. We’re calling on dreamers, innovators and believers to submit their Big Ideas for apps to change our world. Not everyone is a tech whiz, so we’re going to give your app idea the love it needs to come to life. 

If you submit a Big Idea before October 31st you could go in the running for…

  • Ad(app)t Bootcamp in Melbourne + flights and accommodation
  • App development from some of the best digital agencies in the country
  • A bunch of Samsung products including tablets, camera and phones,
  • Expert mentoring from tech gurus and rockstar coaches

Head over to Adappt to submit your Big Idea.  

The Apple Watch is out and more goodies are coming our way…

The Apple Watch is out and more goodies are coming our way…Whether or not you will be wearing a brand new Apple Watch today, you can feast your eyes with this incredible variety of accessories, stands, band adapters, cases, screen protectors, and other creative solutions for your wrist.AdapptDeveloped by four Italian students, the Adappt ($9 to $3,450) is a sturdy, fashionable adapter that lets you use wristbands other than the Apple’s original models.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

More info:

Future Chaser #4: Nishan David

Have you heard about Adappt? Seen the videos and fallen a little bit in love with Brig and Nish like we have?

Well Nishan David is another one of our fantastic Future Chasers!

Along with working with us here at FYA with Samsung on Adappt he’s done loads of other great things. One of which is using fashion to create social change. Clothes = good, clothes that support changemakers all over the world = amazing!

Bloodless not only has a great name they have a great cause. Every month, they release a limited edition collection connected to someone fighting for change in one of the poorest places on the planet.

‘Some may say fashion is arbitrary, but it sure is useful to break down arbitrary barriers to human connection’ - Nishan David.

We think it’s pretty clever using an every day mainstream thing like fashion for social good, if we can do this with clothes, imagine what other social change we can make in every day life!

Check out the other great things Nish has been up to in The Future Chasers

Apple Watchに市販の腕時計バンドを装着できるアイテム『Adappt』

今まで使っていた腕時計のバンドをApple Watchに付け替えられる魔法のアイテム『Adappt』をご紹介します。 純正のバンドは高価だし、オリジナルのバンドを作るのもお金がかかってあんまり…という方にとってありがたい […] techjo