So I asked Sharpy if he wanted these, and he said yes, so here they are.

I have no idea why I did these, but they are pretty much the only Britland City related thing I ever did besides creating my character.  Which is just as well, because looking back The Vendor was really dull beyond the fact he had a vending machine on his back and shot cans out of it.  The only context I can give (and my only defense) is that Sharpy started it.

adappersharp asked:

Assuming you've seen the spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man #700, and also assuming that it's all true, what's your opinion on it?

I did yesterday but I didn’t realize till now those were the spoilers for #700. Won’t get too detailed cause spoilers.

I haven’t been following amazing spidey since New Ways to Die so I can’t really give a full analysis. Idk this might be cool. Of course the status quo will probably return within the year but it’s an interesting way to take it. And it does up the status of a villain who always seems to play second fiddle to the green goblin, even though he’s way more interesting. It’s certainly gotten me interested in checking out this story and what will follow so if they had planned to attract readers, it’s working for me. 

adappersharp replied to your post: A good day to you too, since many 3d modifications extend far beyond mere texture editing and give evidence to the fact that people are willing to do that sort of work. God bless the PC modding community!

I suppose they COULD edit the backgrounds of course as they’re a little less intensive. But yeah, the only character edits I see being made are for things like Peacocks falling items which only have a couple of frames compared to the actual characters.

All very possible yes. Heck, if you wanna edit any character, go ahead and replace a background character and all 6 of their frames with your OC or something. Mite b cool.