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I have to ask, am I the only one who misses Howard?

Well obviously not! I miss him too, you know. And no one can deny the fact that what Howard brought to this band was amazing.


What has happened over the past couple of years cannot be undone, so the best thing to do is to just support Howard’s new project (The Devil You Know) and be happy that our boys in KsE got their original singer back :)

I’d rather have Jesse sing for them than some random stranger

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My girlfriend and I kinda do what u do. It's like "dead things diary lite edition" haha! We don't have the space to do much cleaning so we scavenge what nature has already cleaned! Keep up the great work! We're gonna check out your etsy shop today! 👍

Having space to clean is definitely a luxury! I hope you both have good luck finding remains that nature has already cleaned for you ^^

Thank you :) ♥

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Thank u for the info! I looked em up and I think I'm gonna order some. One more question and it may seem stupid... As far as the mix percentage goes (pg/vg), what would u suggest?

No problemo. They’ve been around awhile and have gotten quite the following and a lot of different flavors (I really liked fruit stripe gum personally.)

PG/VG is I guess half preference and half what your tank likes. Like my Vivi novas seem to work better with more PG since its thinner it makes it easier to travel up the wicks- my fav has always been 80/20 pg/vg forever. But now with these BCC tanks (bottom coil changeable…but correct me if im wrong haha) the wicks are at the bottom, and they seem to thrive on higher VG percentages, I’d say more of a 50/50. I don’t really like anything higher on the VG end with juice. It is a little sweet itself, but it mutes flavors and doesn’t have a good hit like PG- Buuuut, if you’re all about the clouds, then more VG is good for that- it produces insane amounts of vapor. So it’s all in what you’re looking for once you find out what your tank is cool with.