Special announcement: 

Vaughn Body Arts has been very, very busy for some time now. So it is with great pleasure we announce that we have hired another full time piercer. 

Please give a warm welcome to our dear friend Adam Richins. 

Adam is a fantastic piercer, offers impeccable customer service and has a wonderful bedside manner. 

He has worked at such fine studios as Warlock’s in Raleigh, NC and currently is working at WAY Body Arts in Santa Cruz (which sadly will be closing September 5th, so go visit them while you can). 

Adam will be starting September 23rd at Vaughn Body Arts. 

We’re very happy to have Adam joining the family, and we know all of you will be too!

From time to time I have to leave town for various piercing related work, and you all know I would never let somebody work at the studio unless I felt 100% confident in their piercing abilities and customer service skills. 

I’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing friends who are extremely talented piercers work at VBA when I’ve had to leave town, and one of them is Adam from WAY Body Arts in Santa Cruz. 

While I was attending an APP meeting last month, Adam covered at the studio. He did this helix piercing on our client Kendra (almost a month old in this picture). They chose this anatometal threaded cluster and it looks absolutely fantastic. 

Thank you for stopping by to let us take a photo Kendra! And thank you Adam for helping out at VBA. The Monterey clients love you! 


This is selfkreated, or Miguel as I know him. We’ve been friends for a couple years and I’ve gotten to do some really fun stuff for him.

Healed 7/16” helixes with anatometal Super Orbits with Black CZs.

Healed lower conches with Anatometal Gemmed Eyelets with Clear CZs.

Healed 16g Forward Helix with a Anatometal posts and White Gold Water Lilly from bodyvisionlosangeles with genuine Mystic Topaz.

(forward helix on the left side was done by @shelbypierces)

Healed 6g Nipple piercings with barbells from Anatometal

And a healed deep Navel piercing with a Gemmed flower also from Anatometal.

I love ya, buddy!!

I got to downside this project I did a while ago last night and I’ll get a better photo that wasn’t in the piercing room at night time but here it is anyways. Unique piercings with unique anatomy. Jewelry from @anatometalinc. Done at @enigmapiercing. #adamrichins #enigmapiercing #ear #earpiercing #anatometal #anatometalinc #appmember (at enigma. professional piercing studio)


Some fun work from my trip to Warlocks Tattoo in Raleigh, NC.

First photo is a fresh 4g Halfadravya with a 3/4” steel circular barbell from Anatometal. Also showing a healed 10g Ampallang I did about a year and a half ago.

Second is a fresh 6g Apadravya with Titanium jewelry from Anatometal.

Happy healing you guys!!