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I might start tomorrow; I have no more patience after all this time. It feels like it’s been getting worse each day aksdfha

There are multiple daily reminders now.


(Tangent: but, also, fucking make up your mind about how many days he’s spent in hell already.)

I mean at first I was happy at the new wave of fic and art the Samandriel/Adam ship has caused, even if I didn’t care for it, because I stopped watching at S6, because finally fic and art. But then the reminders just took over spamming again.

I swear, sometimes I think they do it deliberately so that it’s only them in the Adam tag.

buckybarnesing said:

Picking random #s: 2, 5, 7, 10

2: Stiles and Derek in the Teen Wolf fandom. I do ship them too, but mostly I think they’re like the more Vitriolic Best Buds version of tom and Jerry.

5: Castiel/Dean in Supernatural. I can understand why people ship them, and I have implied that ship in some of my fics, but mostly, that ship triggers the everliving fuck out of me, because of the sheer abusiveness. (and I know it’s weird, because I ship abusive pairings.)

7: Already answered ~

10: Can I say most fandoms, for whenever they do gross stuff? I mean it’s the reason why I’ve always lingered on the periphery of fandoms for so long. All of them pull gross shit.