Warden-Commander (DA:I spoilers)

The Warden-Commander never smiles. The recruits admire him and fear him in equal measure. He does not raise his voice or threaten, but there’s a coldness and a shadow in his eyes they know instinctively not to broach. He’s a good man despite it, still a strong fighter after so many years, tall and broad-shouldered. His hair is silvery at the edges, his face scarred, hands calloused. He fights on the front lines and his courage speeds them onward.

He leads them well after Adamant, after the sundering veils are closed, after the Joining can be bookended with a Releasing. Their ranks swell, far more people ready to volunteer when they know service only lasts twenty years before they can be whole again, and he commands them to protect their home.

But they never see him smile.

Rumors fly among recruits as they always do. Some say he was always a grim man, chilled and closed. Others claim he used to laugh more than any of them. Most suspect it has to do with what happened after the Releasing was discovered, how he has no family. But he does not tell them much, even those that serve closely with him.

A few of the older Wardens from the time of the fifth Blight are the only ones who still remember the way he used to laugh with her, how the two of them fought side by side, how they swore to die together. Only a few know how she was lost; having survived the Joining, darkspawn, the Blight, the Archdemon, it was childbirth that proved her downfall. The Releasing had not mattered, in the end.

The last time Warden-Commander Alistair smiled was kissing her farewell.

Adam Young is Owl City.

“I still think Shane is hot,” someone said.  “I don’t care if it’s not cool.”

Dude, I think Shane is kinda hot.  I don’t know what might be “not cool” about that, I think it just means having eyes.


Enjoy Your Intermission from Adam Carboni on Vimeo.


Longtime projectionist, Roger Babcock, has been threading film through the Hi-Way Drive-in’s projectors for more than 40 years. However, with Hollywood studios no longer offering film prints of their releases, Roger is faced with an ultimatum: upgrade all four of the Hi-Way’s 35mm film projectors to expensive digital systems, or close the gates which have so warmly welcomed moviegoers since 1960… for good.

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Featuring: Roger Babcock, Sharon Babcock, Joyce Lehnert, & John Waters
Directed by Tansy Michaud & Adam Carboni
Cinematography by Adam Carboni
Edit and Sound Design by Alex Trierweiler
Color Grade by Ashley Ayarza

What a Total Dork
  • Shane:*is distressing good at soccer*
  • Me:*blames my boobs for giving me a disadvantage* Ugh, you should've been a girl, damn you.
  • Shane:What? Why?
  • Me:Because then we'd be more equal at this, duh.
  • Shane:Ah. *bats his eyelashes and says in a dopey voice* I'd be a pretty girl.
  • Me:*stops the ball, shrugging* Yeah, I would probably date you.
  • Shane:Wait, what? You like girls?
  • Me internally:Damn. Damn it damn it damn it.
  • Me externally:*violently and dramatically kicks the ball back to Adam across the Gym, turns to face Shane and speaks very quickly, embarrassed* Yep, I like girls, the sky is blue, and penguins don't have knees (referencing that old tumblr screenshot post). Anything else you'd like to know?
  • Shane:*grins like a nerd and giggles* I like girls too. Teehee.

♔ Meet Kian Livingston. He is twenty four (24) years young and weirdly resembles Patrick Adams. He lives in Brooklyn and is the Chief Operations Officer of Livingston Hotel Empire.

"What hurts the most is sleeping with your ghost."

► Considered to be: Kind hearted, playful, manipulative, cocky.

► What to know about Mr. Livingston -

  1. He is a heir to the hotel empire.
  2. His personality changed from a good boy next door to a closed off jerk face after his girlfriend died.
  3. Secretly he is afraid of a real relationship because he is scared that they might die too.
  4. He moved to Brooklyn because he was sick of living in Manhattan.
  5. Most of the time he drinks and parties so he can forget what happened to his dead girlfriend.

The Livingston Secret —

His girlfriend was murdered during their first year college together. He saw how the murderer got away in court. Due to this he took matter in his own hands and hired and hitman to kill him for revenge.

anonymous asked:

Feeling really dyshoric because I can't get a binder. Could you write something with the pronouns he? My name is Adam :3

Hi Adam! Gosh, I’m so sorry I didn’t get to this sooner. I hope you’re feeling better now. Here you go:

"Adam is super cool. Adam is really good looking. He has an awesome personality. He has epic skills. He is phenomenal. He has a fantastic name. He is the best Adam there is. He has a fabulous soul. He has a really wonderful…face."

Adam started laughing harder than he had in a while, turning away from the mirror. God, he thought, I’m literally talking to myself in a mirror. I can’t believe I’m talking to myself in a mirror. He turned back around, looking at himself even more closely in the reflection.

Well, he thought, at least I’m talking to someone who looks dang good.

"Adam! Let’s go, get out of the bathroom, hurry up!"

"Coming!" Adam shouted back, and winked at himself in the mirror on his way out. Talk to you again soon, you handsome devil, he thought.