After months and months of captivity, some of my most popular fandom blends are being rebranded and re-released, this time as THE TEAS WHICH SHALL NOT BE NAMED.

To celebrate, this weekend only Adagio is offering ALL 12 of the blends in the collection as a sampler pack, rather than their standard pack of 6. Not only that, but we’ve decided to GIVE AWAY a full sampler pack to one awesome person!

Here’s the rundown of the giveaway:

  • Just like or reblog this post. Please be considerate and don’t spam your followers with it though.
  • Giveaway blogs are NOT eligible! That means if you’re selected as the winner and I go to your blog and see nothing but reblogs of giveaway posts, I will chose a new winner.
  • You do NOT have to be following me
  • You MUST be over 18, or have your parents permission to enter
  • You MUST live in a country/region that Adagio can ship to. That’s out of my control, honestly, there are just laws forbidding shipments of stuff like tea to certain countries. If you’re not sure if your country is eligible, please see Adagio’s shipping policies.
  • I’ll use a random number generator and chose a winner after the giveaway ends on Monday, May 26 at 10 pm EST

Good luck everyone! This post is long enough already, so for full descriptions of the teas, please visit their pages:

| the boy who… | our king | brains and bravery | late bloomer | godfather | the stag | the wolf | the rat | the sacrifice | spoiled snake | looney | the prince |



All these blends can also be found on my signature blends page (along with a number of other fandom blends, if you’re looking for more to try). More will be released later (with Hazel’s probably being the next I work on, jsyk).

Lemme know if you’re planning on buying something and I’ll post a coupon code to give whoever uses it $5 off!


Adagio Teas: How to Train Your Dragon

Hello, fandom! In the wake of exciting new clips from the upcoming movie, sandwiched against the upcoming gift-giving season, I’d like to present my new Adagio tea blend series inspired by Dreamwork’s How to Train Your Dragon! Take a look at the characters and their unique tea blends and see if your inner tea aficionado would like to take them for a spin.

A special thanks to Amyzen, creator of the popular Firefly blends, whose tea guru advice and taste-testing made these blends possible. A million thanks, Amy!

Also, I need to add: this week only, (through Monday) Adagio is giving out free shipping on all orders! So grab your dragons while they’re hot!


Giveaway time!

I’m overwhelmed by the positive response that my Homestuck teas have gotten! As a ‘thank you’ to you guys, I’ve decided to hold a giveaway for my Homestuck tea. The winner of this giveaway will receive one 3oz pouch of my Homestuck teas, all of which you can view here, and five runners up will each receive $5 off codes to purchase anything they want on Adagio.

Rules & Info

  • Reblog to enter - reblog as much as you like (please try not to spam your followers, though)
  • You don’t have to follow me, but it will count as an additional entry if you do
  • Likes don’t count
  • No giveaway blogs (unless you’re just signal boosting)
  • If you buy one of my Homestuck teas, review it and leave your tumblr username for another 5 entries
  • Giveaway ends June 20th

Good luck, everybody!


Well I fixed them so the lawyers said “Okay cool!”

So back once again are Teas For Travelers! Teas totally inspired by but not in any other way associated with The Hobbit!

You can find all of them on this page by clicking literally any of these words! Fandom sampler coming soon!

Also, take note that due to teas being discontinued, the blends for The Burglar and Elf Lady have changed slightly, but I promise, both are still super good! 


    soooooo… I designed some adagio teas for you ~♥

I Made You Tea, John!green rooibos key west, watermelon cooler, pina colada ♥

Redbeardrooibos vanilla chai, almond, orange

Favorite Bookpu erh spice, toasted mate, rooibos lemon cloud ♥

Mindpalace: irish breakfast, yerba mate, berry blast

Honeybeeswhite peony, honeybush, green rooibos bonita ♥

The Tutorearl grey bravo, dewy cherry, vanilla

Hideous Jumperspu erh dante, cream, sour apple

Game Nightgreen chai, honeybush orange, almond oolong

Summer Vacationwhite tropics, grapefruit, pomegranate green

Bed Timedecaf ceylon, honeybush vanilla, chamomile

   I hope you like them! ~♥


The Final Fantasy X character tea set is complete! You can find all of them at Adagio.com, under Final Fantasy X in the Fandom Blends tab. Or, you can just use this masterpost to link right to all the tea-y goodness. Leave a review to let me know what you think!

[Dream of the Fayth] - Tidus

[Bringer of the Eternal Calm] - Yuna

[Most Loyal of Guardians] - Kimahri

[Blitz Captain] - Wakka

[Storm of Magic] - Lulu

[Machina Princess] - Rikku

[Legendary Guardian] - Auron

[The High Summoner] - Braska

[The Man From Zanarkand] - Jecht


With Christmas coming up and the weather getting colder, you might want to consider giving a fellow homestuck the awesome gift of Homestuck tea. With 54 available flavors based on nearly every character, there’s plenty of choice. You can also message me for a $5 off coupon to purchase one of these teas.



Beta Kids:

Alpha Kids


Alpha Trolls




(Portal Teas)

(Ava’s Demon Teas)

(Pacific Rim Teas)

(Arrested Development Teas)


Rise of the Guardians tea blends!

JACK FROST: light snowbud, minty foxtrot, sweet vanilla oolong. fun, airy, mischievous.

PITCH BLACK: smoky lapsang souchong, spicy chocolate chai, nutty toasted sesame. Oh, and also— a touch of fear.

NORTH: christmas tea, sweet cream, chocolate chip. perfect to keep jack frost from nipping at your nose.

BUNNY: tangy rooibos lemon cloud, warming rooibos vanilla chia, sour raspberry patch. Some tea to help de-stress a nervous rabbit.

TOOTH: A floral and fruity tea: bright white eternal spring, calming honeybush vanilla, sweet wild strawberry. Drink while fighting the boogeyman.

SANDY: tangy rooibos lemon cloud, calming rooibos vanilla, soothing chamomile. Ensures sweet dreams.

North’s concept art (c) dreamworks


Y’all have literally been asking for a sampler set for these blends for like, decades, and there’s one available THIS WEEKEND ONLY. I say that, but if it sells well enough, it’ll be around ALL THE TIME, so do me a solid, go and hook yourself up with some quality tea, and maybe consider hooking your friends and family and pets up too. Hey, the holidays are coming, right? Everyone wants Avengers themed teas.


Our house has a small nook that’s become a coffee/tea shrine. For the tea keeping, we repainted some old bathroom shelves and gave each fandom a shelf! The samples are stacked by type (herbal, green, black, and white) and the large bags are simply organized by how often I reach for them! 

The drawers hold spoons, tea balls, paper infusers, various sweeteners, and cozies. The mini Squad Levi helps me keep everything tidy, of course.


MAN I’m on a kick or something with tea labels. Awesome. Anyway, thanks for waiting so patiently for the art for these blends! Look, I even updated Steve’s art! And finally made a band for the Avengers group! If you want to be able to buy the Avengers teas as a sampler pack from Adagio… let them know! They only do sample packs of the popular ones! Make it so!

Krabby's Tea Time Sherlock Blend Tea Giveaway!



Now that we’re done reviewing our sampler set of adagioteas Sherlock Blends made by the fabulous areyoutryingtodeduceme - we thought we’d share the love!

What’s in for me?

Tins of Lestrade, Watson, Moriarty,Sherlock, Anderson & Mrs Hudson!

Update: Abby will probably include some fun things from her tea stash, and she’s taking a trip to Harney and Sons on Tuesday…. 

Wait, what about the other blends?

They were residing in my digestive system, and are now recirculating through the septic waste systems of London & St. Thomas, ON respectively. (Meaning I drank them all)

So you’re giving me left over tea?

I’m giving you the opportunity to live a day in the life of Krabby’s Tea Time! The excitement! The frantic taking of photos at work! The musing of what numerical value to assign the beverage you just sniffed! All of these blends were only sampled once, so there are still a good 6-8 cups left in them. I didn’t drool on them, I swear. This is a great way to sample some blends as Adagio’s shipping can be quite pricey to Canada/Europe!

So what do I have to do?

Follow us and reblog/RT this post on tumblr or twitter. The giveaway will be open until June 18th after which we’ll use one of those fancy random number generators to pick a winner. No spammy giveaway blogs please, we’d like you to hang around with us after and have a cuppa.

The winner will have until June 20th to respond, so make sure your ask box is open and check your mentions! I’m going to limit this to Canada, US and UK/Continental Europe for shipping purposes. You can enter once on each platform. 

 May the steeps be ever in your favour!