My very first Convention

Oh yes! I gambled and I won :)

I’ve partecipadet at the most famous convention dedicated to comics & games in Italy: Lucca Comics & Games.

Maybe some of you have eard this name surfing on the web, it’s the biggest convention in my country and it take place every year in my region, Tuscany on Lucca City, not so far from Florence where I live (only one hour by car).

This convention is so famous that this year we had Takeshi Obata (Death Note/ Bakuman) as special guest *w*

Well, I didn’t have money to take a stand for my own, so I tried to organize miself with some friends (do you like Yaoi? Wanna read about vampires that doesen’t sparkles? Well, Purpurea Noxa is what you need. *w*) in the game area: with a little bit of wits and a lot of luck, we created a little stand (near others guys with the same “problem”) to sell our creations.

And it was AWESOME!!!

Seriously! I had no idea that my creations could have all the success they had! I’m so excited and motivated to bring on creating and molding!

All the people that have bought my charms, earrings and keychains; the ones that have tryed their luck with the fukubukuro (little surprise bags); and the ones that took a picture of my works or only said that they where cute and well done! Oh my god I was and I am so very happy that I can’t believe it! I think I’m dreaming *///*

What to say, I partecipated only 2 days of 4, but it was the best convention ever, not only for the little gamble with the self-made stand, but also for the people and friends I met.

Now I’m so motivated to start working, I’d like to open a giveaway and also my very first commissions, so from tomorrow you’ll better be prepared, because I have a lot of ideas and a lot of motivation that I’m going to burst from exciting!!

Thank you all for following Adacadabra and reblogging my works: you guys can’t imagine what is for me to see that the thing I do with all my love are surfing the web with you ♥

Here some pictures of my handmade stand ;) Hope you like it!





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