I just want to officially come out; I'm Pansexual

I don’t know why, maybe I just want to say this and come oh because I’m proud.
For years I’ve been confused as to why I’m also attracted to women and I can actually fall in love with women as well as trans people and men.

I don’t get turned on when I see naked women or men and neither do I always check out both genders it’s really just some people that attract me so much. I fall for people based on personality and how I feel around them. I looked at the facts and came to the conclusion that I’m not bi, I’m not limited to just two genders and attracted to just them. It’s not something I want to tell my parents. They won’t take this serious they would laugh if I told them I was pansexual and wouldn’t take the name and everything serious so I’m just gonna keep this from them. They will just have to accept e people I prefer to date

My love is not limited :) and I’m happy about that.

My apologies if I didn’t word this right or I made mistakes in writing.
I just felt like letting this out because I’m glad.


Kahapon nasa bahay kami ni Tantan nag movie marathon.

*Naglabas ng unan si Tan*

Ako: Gusto ko malambot ayoko neto matigas palit tayo.

Josh: Ayoko rin, gusto ko malabot din.

Enteng: Oh basta akin na to. Ayoko yan haha.

Steph: Gugulo nyo. Mga lalaki talaga mahilig sa malalambot. Hahaha!

Tan: Bigay nyo na lang kay Steph yan tutal mahilig naman sa matigas yan. Hahaha

Steph: Tigilan nyo ko tangina nyo. Hahaha.

Hahaha. Mga tropa ko talaga. Mga maano eh. Double meaning pa more. Lol

Bandang huli nagtiis ako sa matigas. Saklap.

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I just broke the game with my friend. This proves that commandos can indeed handle any turret and that Jedi seek to compensate for their small sticks.