A Dream 2 Believe is a new non-profit organization that is similar to the Boys And Girls Club of America, but through music. By working with artists such as The Cab, AD2B is getting the word out about their “buy a shirt, we donate a shirt” mission. With every shirt that is purchased, a shirt or the equivalent value of a shirt will be donated back to another charity.

How can YOU get involved? In 3 days, their merch store will go live on their website, and you can buy a t-shirt to show your support. 

How can you contact the AD2B team? Feel free to reach out to them via Twitter, or send any questions that you may have my way. (I’ll be working with AD2B to run the street team, so I’d be more than happy to help you out).

What charities will AD2B be donating to? You’ll have to wait and find out!

“We have been blessed in our lives and want to gives others an opportunity as well. If you have a dream, believe in it and never give up.”


A few days ago I got to hang out at Vans Warped Tour in St. Pete, working & taking photos for my pals A Dream 2 Believe. 

If you’ve never heard of AD2B, they’re a really awesome organization whose goal is to give back to the less fortunate children of the US. You buy a tee shirt, they give a tee shirt. Simple. It’s really cool, the shirts are cute (especially the one Action Item collab tee? adorable. well designed. the bomb.) and the people who run it are solid. You can go & check them out on the remaining dates of Warped Tour or, if you’re not going or have already been, you can find ‘em online at 

Good music, good friends, good deeds and good photos. AND I didn’t get sunburned or pass out or anything. Best day ever. 

This Warped Tour was great cause I got to work several dates with this great nonprofit A Dream 2 Believe

You guys should totally check them out they give a shirt to a child in need for every shirt you purchase! Not to mention they work with some great bands such as The Cab, Action Item, and Paradise Fears!

A Dream 2 Believe

Summer is almost over, need a new rockin’ back 2 school wardrobe? Check out A Dream 2 Believe- a new non- profit organization that wants to give back. What exactly does AD2B do? It’s kinda like the t-shirt version of Tom’s. When you buy a shirt, a shirt, or an equal value will be donated to an organization that also gives back. They even have a Salt N Pepper (Dave Briggs & Joey Thunder) t-shirt! We have some hoodies that’ll keep you nice and warm when the heat goes out in your dorm. Plus, you’ll be stylin’ while helping out a good cause. So why not support a great cause? #cantstopwontstop