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Lmao, if you actually look at my blog you can see a picture of my face ;)))

Aaah I did. Gotta do that to do the rate right? :) but its for the avatar, not necessarily the selfies >.<


I’m pretty positive it, itself still qualifies in the “Okay, sexy” category. 


"He made me fall in love with him then he left and took my heart with him." Scars // Deja Dzenekoj

"You made me feel beautiful like the skin im attached to houses the true beauty I have within and without my body. Your finger prints soaked into my skin, your lips left a trail of memories on every inch of my body and as a result you became my biggest scar. You became a part of who I am. As I watched you fall into the hands of other girls the scars started to sting, reminding me that you still lings there. I can’t bare to face myself because everything I do is a reminder of you. "

send me a secret or a topic you want me to write about and I’ll try to make a poem based off what you sent me.

i’m so sorry this is so long

"being friends with someone you’re inlove with and it hurting like hell"

"being friends with someone who tells you everything and you can’t tell them you’re inlove with them"

"I have a major crush on my bestfriend and he likes someone else"

sorry i put three topics into one 

Send me a memory, topic or secret you want me to write about and I’ll try to make a poem based off what you inboxed me.

bitter - Deja Dzenekoj