rawritsalex said:

LOL I am not infatuated! It's just her blog means a lot hahah. But you can if you want haha, I don't care :p

KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN ALEX SAYS HI lol. The infatuation part………… whole other story lol :P so yeaup. You mean a lot to people, don’t stop writing please :3


We climbed twenty flights up, almost out of breath, heavy with the thought of what awaits us, still out of breath. “We’re here,” he said, pointing to an open window. As he motioned towards an infinite sky, we paused to marvel at the city lights, and there within my reach was a tangible dream I thought I’d never see until I made that leap.

Photo and caption by acupofkeen

I have been tagged by the lovely @acupofkeen to write 10 facts about me. This was more difficult than expected :
1. I can write with both my right and left.
( as a kid I was obsessed with being a lefty)
2. I have an evil laugh ( everyone says so)
3. I have a short attention span 🙊 4. I’m quite the introvert.

5. I enjoy reading the dictionary
6. I’m more of a sit back and watch the show kind of gal.
7. I am very romantic but hate romantic movies.

8. I wear all black always ( if there was a darker color than black id wear it )

9. I like to write down every crazy thought that has ever crossed my mind. ( in hopes no one ever reads it )
10. I get freaked out when I see a phone call. ( just text me!) 😂😩 by visualmemories_ http://ift.tt/1rHh08X