235: my painting process part 1

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—This is how I color my work sdkjfkds so messy OTL


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My preview for Letters Artbook

This is a charity artbook aimed to raise funds to donate to the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. All profit will be donated to Doernbecher. 

The theme of this book is the English alphabet, where each page represents a different letter, upper and lower case. There will be 52 pages of artwork.
International talented artists will be donating their skill into making this project!

Preorders: no link yet
Check out the other previews:


My Preview for Memorieal Charity Artbook + PREORDER

Shelter Box is an organization that brings food, shelter and many other basic necessities to people in need. They are a fairly small group but do great work. We wish to help fund them so that we help help the world, even if just a little.

This artbook will be aprox 40-50 pages long, fully coloured, A4 size (aprox) and will contain artists from all around the world who have volunteered their time and efforts into creating wonderful artwork for the world. But not only that, they will be drawing for the people who no longer have a home or their loved ones. We aim to help the world just that little bit, starting with this artbook.

Artbook is only $20 and many more goodies!

More Previews here:

242 Raiden girl ver. WIP…. ;—; I wanna ship Raiden and Vamp, ugh they’re both sexy lol

gosh I’m addicted to MGS.. I love its plot dayum too many twists.. sadly I don’t play it.. but ;-; ughh  QAQ my fave actor will voice act Snake for MGS V… ;-; i really love Kiefer Sutherland’s voice. ):