hi this is epileptard's new blog

unlike epileptard this is a main blog so i can actually like posts and leave asks under this name

epileptard began as a side blog so i could express my anger about having epilepsy, but over time reaching out to other people who have epilepsy became an increasingly significant part of my blog and it being a side blog with an offensive url was preventing me from doing either thing to the extent that i wanted

fuckepilepsy will not be about me, it will about other people who have epilepsy whenever i find them or they find me, so i don’t know how much or how frequently i will post here

that way i can continue to reach out to other people who have epilepsy unimpeded, and go back to being an uninhibited asshole on epileptard

but i will be posting my comics here from now on so there’s that

have a nice day

New medication

Before I start, I’m going to start tagging things with #actuallyepileptic (not my idea). This is another tag that can be used for epilepsy where people don’t tag flashing gifs, so hopefully it will catch on.

I’m on a new medication called Topamax. I am also taking this with my other anti-epileptic, Lamictal. Anyone else take this med? What personal experience do you have with it?