So like I was explaining to my class the other day why I don’t do youtube anymore and I only do tumblr. I said it was because I have way more followers on tumblr than I ever had on youtube and I like the tumblr community a lot more on a personal level. Then they asked how many followers I have and I said 4.5k+ (at the time) and they lost there shit, I never told them my tumblr user but I think they are still trying to find my blog and one day they will find me. And that will be the end of days for this blog, I actually don’t know what will happen. 

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i just started dating a man again for the first time since coming out to a lot of friends (i saw a lot of different people since then and most were women or gender non-conforming) and now i've already had two friends say something like "i thought you were gay?" and it feels terrible, like they never actually got that part of my identity. how do i nicely hammer home that i'm still bi regardless of the gender of my current partner?

start off with an attempt to patiently remind them that you are bisexual, which means that you may date people of various genders

if they keep it up, start asking them obnoxious questions every time they do something that could conceivably be framed as being in opposition to something that they had previously done. example: “omg are you eating a burger? i thought you were a vegetarian! what do you mean you’re not a vegetarian, i literally just saw you eating a salad last week!” etc.

i actually never ever thought this day would come, i was glad when i hit 100, now there’s 10 FUCKING THOUSAND OF YOU 

on a serious note tho tysm for sticking by me through the funny times, sad times, eMOTIONAL times, times i’ve had hate and times i’ve had completely idiotic theories and everything else? like you all mean a lot to me (you should know that by now), ly xxx

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yas! im on season 2. i still laugh, get hurt, and scared. amazing lol

tbh, I need to remember the old Dean. Because… since the mark of Cain, I’ve been feeling detached from Deans character. I need to re-watch his story because I feel like I’ve forgotten. And it saddens me. I MISS BEING SO ENRAPT BY DEAN.

Bare It All (Part 7) Jack Gilinsky


I picked up Madison from her house at 7:30 and she looked stunning. She had a tight fitting black dress with heels and she had heavy makeup but it looked nice. She looked the complete opposite from y/n. Y/n would always wear something simple, she never dressed glamorously but she always managed to look beautiful.
The restaurant was just how I remembered it, the lights were dimmed and I had the ring in my pocket. We were actually seated in the same table as last time.
“Do you like it babe?” I asked Madison.
“Jack this place is amazing! I love it!” She said in a high pitched voice.
“I have something for you” I took out the black shiny box. I opened it, inside was the same heart shaped ring encrusted with diamonds, I had given to Y/n.
“You’re so God dang beautiful, sexy, gorgeous. You’re a freaking goddess. I am so incredibly lucky to have you. Never in thousand years would I think that someone like you would be with someone like me. I fucking love more than anything in this world. That’s why I want to give you this” I paused, Madison gave me the same look Y/n gave me a year ago. “It’s a promise ring. It’s my promise to you, that I will always love you and I would never in a thousand years hurt you. It’s my promise to you that in couple years we’ll have the wedding of your dreams.” I stopped and put the ring on her finger. “I love you so much Madison Beer”
“Jack it’s beautiful I love you!” She said.
She took out her gold iPhone and took a picture of the ring with me in the background and posted it on Twitter with the caption “It’s my promise to you, that I will always love you and I would never in a thousand years hurt you.”
For the past five hours my Twitter was blowing up, I was tagged in a bunch of pictures. I decided to open up the app and see what everyone was going so crazy about.
My ring on her hand. The words he told were said to her. If thought I hated him before… I couldn’t find a word that explained all the hatred I felt for him now. I was disgusted by him. I threw my phone to the wall out of anger.
“Babe are you okay?” Cameron asked.
“Hell no. I’m going to pay that asshole a visit” I said standing up. My ankle felt better and wasn’t as swollen. But my ankle was the last thing I was thinking about. I grabbed my shattered iPhone and car keys and walked out the door.
“Y/n!” I heard Cam call behind me, but I just ignored him, climbing into my black Mercedes-Benz.
I had no idea what the hell I was doing. It was four in the morning, I didn’t even know if Jack was going to be at his house.
I arrived at his two-story house. The place I had called so home so little ago.
“Gilinsky!” I screamed as I knocked. “Answer the fucking door!” I started throwing pebbles at the windows. I’m pretty sure I broke one.
“What the hell y/n” A sleepy shirtless Jack.
“Why the hell would you do that?!” I screamed at him. The whole neighborhood was probably awake by now.
“What are you talking about?” Jack groaned.
“Why the hell would you do that Jack! I have lost all respect for you!” I came closer to him, pushing him back. “You’ve hurt me so much, why do that to me if you knew I was going to fucking see it!” He grabbed my arms trying to stop me from pushing him anymore. “I fucking ha-” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before he kissed me.

A/N: Hi loves💕 part 7 as promised✨ …..and who’s tired of Gilinsky’s mixed signals?

and thanks for 3.5k!😘

Some post-graduation fireworks from Jubilee.

i hate it when people go through my sketch books and notebooks

i have had so many people go through them and make fun of them and read them without my permission it upsets me still to this day

i dont show my real work to anyone but myself

i do dumb drawings bc i dont want to show things I actually put time and effort into

I never write my essays to my full potential bc i am afraid of people judging something I put a lot of work into

and it really sucks bc i want to show my art and writing off but from what has happened before i cant bring myself to do it

and it just holds me back and i hate it

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Who're some of your favourite characters you've RP'd with on WoW? I'm looking for character inspirations and you seem to be in a tight social circle of creative and imaginative people.

Oh gosh. I’m actually not that active anymore, and most of the people who were around when I was ~in the know~ have either left the game, don’t RP much anymore, or play new characters mine have never met.

lightandwinged , plankhandles , pugtronus , khdgar , itsmezmerize , dinnasaw , natharaiebonrook , ellisterthorley , vandrysse , probably-on-fire , cathedralsquarehobo , notapaladin , vaishino , entropytea , safrona-shadowsun , deathknighted possum-knight oystercakes ARE JUST A SMALL HANDFUL OF PEOPLE that I have either had the pleasure of RPing with or have admired from afar like seriously there are so many and I know I’m forgetting a ton because I’m bad at this.

Some of the best gems are in the unknowns, though, so find an active RP hub and just walk up to someone with a profile you like!

I started writing a WTNV fanfic ages ago that I’ll probably never get around to finishing, but wanted to share it anyway because I’m quite proud of what I did write.

It’s an AU. The idea never gets a chance to fully develop, but Cecil’s broadcast is a pirate one that intermittently interrupts Night Vale’s actual show for the purposes of communicating coded information to unknown persons.

In other news, Carlos is very fun to write for.


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so i just went on a walk and had a cigarette, on my way home i walked past a group of 3 guys sat on a wall who not only catcalled but one of them actually made a joke to the others about raping me. i’ve never ran home so fast in my life. they were about 30+ too. i’m really upset. can i not go on a walk without feeling scared now

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so we know gems like Pearl have a pocket dimension inside their gems which they store stuff in, maybe lion is in possession of her pocket dimension? Also I'm really curious as to how lion was made, after all, one lions aren't a natural phenomena even in the SU universe (amethyst points out that he is pink, apparently that's an indicator of some relation to rose). And in regards to the pocket dimensions, does the comic where pearls dimension debuts in say that they contain oxygen? Thank you!!!!!

Lion acting as what is left of Rose’s pocket dimension inside her gem is currently my preferred theory!! 

As for the comic, I’m actually I terrible fan who just has not had the time (nor the money) to read them! So I honestly don’t know if anything on oxygen within the pocket dimensions is ever mentioned. To me it doesn’t sound like something that would be, but you never know.

artemispanthar might have a better idea as I know they read and are quite familiar with the comics!

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Would you mind the explaining the inconsistencies between reapers actually being angels, as addressed in 9x22?

The writers never explained it. Suddenly reapers were just angels in season 9. They fell to earth like the other angels. And they had to posses people. In 9x03, the reaper said she was possessing the girl April. Reapers never had to possess anyone before. They never really had a corporeal form–only people who were DEAD/in a coma could see them. I mean Sam and Dean had to die just to see Tessa in the past.

But they changed that in season 9. Why? Idk.

So I have this Penny Dreadful Theory

So I’ve had this theory kinda since season 1 but never really felt like sharing it. I don’t think Dorian Gray’s picture is what it was described in the book. I think the painting is actually a representation of the Devil and Dorian Gray is an avatar of the Devil, the Anti-Christ or something along those lines. We know that Penny Dreadful does play a bit loose with the canons of the stories they use (i.e. the Dracula story as an obvious example) and it has been stated in the show that Dorian Gray is somehow linked to Vanessa Ives Satanic destiny, but at this point it hasn’t been really discussed, but if this were true it would make sense to me. I mean, you can really easily see parallels between Lucifer and Dorian Gray: the Devil was the most beautiful angel that swayed his fellows into rebelling against Heaven while Dorian Gray is a beautiful immortal that sways other into joining his many sexual exploits. And he has a very tempter role when it comes to both Vanessa and Ethan as their sexual encounters with him were either followed or preceded by a moment in which they were in touch with their own dark sides. I mean, we all assume that Dorian has no idea about the witches, vampires, and all the supernaturalness going on but that’s because he hasn’t mentioned it yet. If he is the Devil, why would he have to do anything more than look pretty? He has enough nightcommers doing his work for him. Actually, probably part of why Vanessa’s rejection of him stings so much is because he’s not just a beautiful, vain immortal but he is temptation incarnate. He is what has driven mankind to commit evil since the beginning and this one woman is able to resist. It probably confuses him to no end. Though also if this true then it probably won’t end well for Angelique (whose name is also very interesting if this theory were true.). But like I said, it’s all just a theory and probably entirely wrong. 

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Regarding this post/119801698704/id-been-talking-to-lee-pace-actually-about I don't know, but the first feeling I felt when I read it was sadness. As it says Bryan Fuller and Lee go way back so it's understandable that he wanted Lee for the role. But to have him say that he knows who to go to when it fell through, it's like Richard is just a substitute, a plan b. Knowing how lowly Richard sees himself, I feel disheartened. He probably doesn't feel that way about this, but I can't help it.

Oh, Nonnie. 

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Had to work rolling thunder yesterday

and while it was all-in-all a pleasant day, the irony of the event never eludes me. My ex-marine coworker says that most of the riders arn’t even vets, they’re sons/daughters or friend-of-a-friends. I saw just as many confederate flags as I did american ones. had to endure hours of “thanks obama”s. and i couldnt escape the thought that this is just a glorified motorcycle show: these people are too old and overweight to ride an actual bike so they roadtrip up to DC to drive around in circles for a weekend using the gasoline from the countries they invaded for “freedom”


You know, I quite like that they’re still dithering around the edge of ‘something’. It feels real, the sort of thing that would really happen, especially with everything we do know about these two characters.

Phryne has a tendency to not actually say what she wants. Jack only allows himself to say something in 'extreme’ circumstances (he thinks she was dead or he’s had way too much booze). As others have pointed out, Phryne never (?) makes the first move, and neither did Jack with Concetta (sp?).

I think Phryne is trying to figure out how she can be with Jack, and retain her autonomy, when all the world ever shows her is marriages where the man is very much in charge. I don’t think Jack would be like that - I think, now, post WW1, he’d be much more for an equal partnership (and I still think he’s not necessarily interested in another marriage, but I think Phryne assumes he is, and that’s a very awkward conversation to have before anything has really happened “yeah, I love you, I want to be with you on an ongoing basis but I have no interest in / intention of marrying you” - especially in 1929!).

I think we have to realise neither of them is in the first flush of youth (Jack must be mid-thirties, and I’m going to make up my own timeline for Phryne and say she’s in the second half of her thirties), and especially in S1 the show made a bit of an issue about love when older. I think you’re less willing to compromise when you’ve reached a point in life where you’ve figured out who you are. They can both change, they will both change - none of us stays static in our life, and look at how much they’ve both changed already - go back and watch Cocaine Blues and compare it with where we are now!

I think this is going to happen, but I think it’s going to continue to be baby steps as they inch closer to each other and observe how they each respond to that.

Post School Visit Thoughts/Updates
  • Everyone at the school seems super friendly & I felt really welcomed
  • I’ll be in a portable classroom this year - I’ve actually never even had class in a portable so if any of you have any organization tips let me know! (Pros: My own space - Cons: No smartboard)
  • I’ll be teaching 1A & 1B year-long - I love Spanish 2 but I knew working in a middle school this was going to be a possibility - plus I’ll have plenty of time for fun projects!
  • I don’t have any of my ancillaries yet & I’m dying to get some planning done
  • All in all - SUPER excited