Prompt: one getting home from work later than the other and stretching out on top of them like a big lazy cat while they sit on the couch in front of the tv [x]

         The light of the largest screen on Megamind’s wall of monitors flickered subtly, casting the room into stark shadows. He seemed to enjoy a bit of darkness going by the lack of lamps or overhead lights, probably added to his e-vil persona, or so Roxanne thought as she lounged back on a leather sofa (recently added by her request). The only other television was in her genius boyfriend’s room. While she didn’t mind watching her late night news in bed, loafing beneath the sheets all afternoon felt a bit too –well, lazy to her. So, since she got off early, she’d piddled about in the lair a while, waiting for Minion or Megamind to show. When they didn’t, she found herself on the couch, browsing idly through the channels. 

       More keen to be on television than watch it, her eyes slid closed as yet another rerun of some cheesy Superman flick played in the background. Her head leaning on her hand, she drifted off, wondering why they boys weren’t home yet.


She started awake as what felt like a bowling ball landed unceremoniously in her lap. A grouchy scowl pulled at her brows.

      Facedown in her lap with his arms already sliding around her waist, Megamind wasn’t likely to notice.

      “You’re late.”

      A garbled reply that sounded vaguely like “Didn’t mean to be” was grumbled against her thigh.

      She chuckled lightly despite herself, simply because he’d taken on that whining tone that made him sound like a sullen child. Gently, her fingers brushed  over his massive scalp. “Rough day?”

       Flopping over, he threw a blue arm across his eyes and gave a melodramatic sigh. “They’re all    
i d i o t s! I mean, it’s not like I didn’t know that already, their prison is more of a hotel than a jail, but still! I never imagined it would be THIS bad to work with them. So today –today they called me in to find a missing child. A worthy cause to be sure, or so it seemed. They said they searched everywhere within a five mile radius, since she’d been playing outside. So, since the situation seemed SO dire, I sent the brainbots all over the city, scouring every alleyway and corner for her. I decided to go over the closest area again myself, thinking they might have missed something, a clue or whatever!” A hand darted up in the air in dismissive gesture as he rolled his eyes. “Well, I was right. They definitely missed something–.”

       Playing along, she smirked and took the bait. “What did they miss?”

       Before he answered, the hero turned over onto his side, facing toward her and nuzzling into her belly. Somehow he made the action aggressively adorable, insistently rubbing his forehead against the fabric of her shirt like an overgrown, blue house cat begging to be petted. “I was about to check the house across the street when I noticed movement –from the girl’s bedroom window!!!” 

        Roxanne had to cover her mouth to keep from giggling, knowing exactly where this was going.

      “She had been upstairs playing with her dolls the WHOLE TIME! Don’t misunderstand me, I understand how parents experience rush of adrenaline due to fear and worry when their offspring are endangered that cause such errors as to miss an obvious turn of events like that. But policemen? Crime scene investigators? Professionals trained to track people? To find them? And they didn’t even think to search the house first?! It’s NO WONDER I escaped prison so often!” He grumbled again as Roxanne’s quiet laughter finally burst free. 

      “Now, now, give credit where credit is due. They contained you for months at a time by the end.”

      “Umm, NO! I came and went when it suited me. Their security system was no match for my awesome intellect.” And here, he finally smirked.


      “It WASN’T! Want me to prove it? It’ll take me all of two nanoseconds to commit a crime worth a night in prison.” Sitting up suddenly, he made to leap off the couch, a devious grin curving his lips and wicked laughter bubbling at the back of his throat.

       A quick jerk of his cape brought him sprawling back down on top of her. 

Okay lately and this is weird but I’ve been super emotional lately when it comes to watching movies, like what the heck I connect with characters on a super deep level regardless of the movie

I mean obviously Megamind’s rejected-in-the-rain puppy-dog eyes are going to get anybody but I’m like literally *feeling* the soul-crushing punch-in-the-gut emotion that shows how desperately he wanted to be loved but deep down knew it wasn’t possible and I’m sorry but that is like the saddest thing ever

And it’s like that no matter the movie

Like Enchanted was kinda cheesy and silly but cute when I first saw it and yeah Patrick Dempsey is freaking gorgeous but for the first time I can actually *feel* the pain of almost having his one true love nearly ripped from him…and the desperation in his voice when he says, no, it can’t be me, I’ve only known her a few days, true love isn’t real, and he’s saying all that because it’s what he knows from the past and he doesn’t want to hurt Nancy and Edward by consenting to kiss Giselle even though he’s desperately in love with her and he doesn’t know why

And in Catch Me if You Can when Frank begs his father to ask him to stop because he’s so trapped and he can’t do it anymore, he can’t run anymore, and the heartbreak when his father can’t free him from this nightmare he’s created for himself

Gah I just have so many feels and nowhere to put them