This fandom in person is a beautiful thing (as well)

Me and my Mom just came back from the gas station to get some diet Pepsis (and mtn dew for my Daddy).

We walk in, and as we’re browsing the drinks I’m feeling crappy cause I’ve had a headache all day, and I look back to the cashier and she’s looking at me. 

I thought “man, I’m not feeling good, but I want to be like “this little light of mine” (cause I heard a message this morning about letting your light shine).
So, I have that in my mind that I want to be a lovely person to be around.

We walk up to the counter to pay for the drinks, the cashier is grinning and she says “I like your shirt.” I’m wearing my Avengers shirt that I got yesterday. 
“Oh thanks” I say, I pause, looking for Avengers evidence on her: HER LANYARD (you know, those things you put your keys on, around your neck), her lanyard is all Marvel. “Oh YOUR LANYARD!” she proudly displays it and points out the little Hulk figurine on it; she says, “I love Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner”. I tell her, “Captain America is my favorite.”

My Mom is just standing there and she says, “I have no idea what you guys are talking about.”…

As we were driving home my Mom is all, “I didn’t know what that little monkey thing was..[the figurine], you guys were speaking Vulcan”,  
I tell her the figurine was the Hulk, and that Vulcan is from Star Trek.

Well, I love these fandoms. LOVE TO ALL OF YOU FAN-PEOPLE, and a particular shoutout to Avengers fans, and a fist bump to Captain America lovers.



Ẁ̴͘H̸A̢TĘ͘͏V̨̛EŖ͟.̡.̸̨.̴҉.͢͞NO̴B͟O̧D̶̢Y ̡C̵͘͞Ą̷̵R̛E͠S̶̨,̨͟ ͏͏I̧͘ ̴͘G̶̶̕Ù͘E͏S̨S͝.̶̵̨.̵̕.

Breaking the stereotypes

Aries: actually just wants to ride a giraffe

Taurus: actually doesn’t eat as much as a cow

Gemini: can actually have a good relationship. Second kinkiest sign.

Cancer: actually doesn’t cry rivers all the time

Leo: actually isn’t the biggest attention whore out there

Virgo: actually the kinkiest and horniest sign out there

Libra: actually really clumsy

Scorpio: actually not satan

Sagittarius: actually just wants to chill

Capricorn: actually couldn’t give two shits about you

Aquarius: actually doesn’t care about aliens

Pisces: actually planning murders in their head

the signs as one direction songs

aries; live while we’re young

taurus; one thing

gemini; act my age

cancer; little things 

leo; stockholm syndrome

virgo; what makes you beautiful 

libra; they don’t know about us

scorpio; alive

sagittarius; midnight memories

capricorn; i would

aquarius; heart attack

pisces; over again