Okay but what if they canonize it like this:

Simmons is in trouble, and Grif saves him. Pushes him out of the way, but gets mortally wounded in the process. He’s lying on the ground dying and Simmons is demanding to know why he did it.

“Because,” Grif says weakly. “I’m way too young to be a widow.”

Simmons just sobs as the light fades from Grif’s eyes. “I’m even younger than you, you asshole.”


aqua’s story - disney town

“I’m anything but a hero, but maybe I could help, if you want.”


Chlollie Appreciation Week

Day 1 -  Chlollie + the moment or scene you started to ship them 

. 6.04 - Arrow:  “He’s a modern day Robin Hood.”
. 6.05 - Reunion: Chlollie first meeting. 


Once Upon A Time - True Love 

dorknintendo asked:


L - What Incarnation of Princess Zelda is your Favorite?

It used to be TP Zel, but since I’ve been so wrapped up in OoT, it’s my favorite Princess of Destiny. I love her and she was so amazing oh my god at such a young age she wanted to stop shit from happening and then to be in hiding for seven years and holding onto hope for so long? Actual Queen of my heart. 

most to least sassy

1. sagittarius - actual sass queen
2. cancer - you have no idea how much they sass people
3. leo - the sass is realer than real
4. taurus - they’ve got a LOT to say and WILL say it
5. aries - tip, don’t try to argue with them
6. aquarius - average amount of sass
7. libra - for the most part they’re actually pretty quiet unless you piss them off
8. scorpio - more mean/feisty than sassy
9. capricorn - stays in their lane
10. gemini - you’re chill man you wouldn’t sass
11. pisces - you like to think you’re sassy but really when did you ever sass someone
12. virgo - you wouldn’t dare

seanpgilroy asked:

I'm sure I'm only the millionth person to mention this, but my conscience won't permit me to rest until I point out that the Flash Gordon theme was by Queen, not Toto (Toto did the Dune soundtrack. God, I hate that movie). Not to nitpick though; it was a great post, very enlightening. I'm always fascinated/horrified to learn more about how this sort of thing works in Hollywood.

Arrgghhh, yes, of course. I actually love Queen’s score. I was thinking of Dune.

okay I want to come back later today to write stuff so this is a small starter call! For mutuals only as usual, but I think I’ll cap it at 4 this time.

On a side note if you’d ever like to plot with me never be afraid to ask! I’m always looking for plot and planned threads, they’re really fun! I also have a faceclaim for Ema who is an actual science queen so if you want a fc thread just send an ask /v/ we can talk about it and such, it’ll be fun!