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Is it hard being with some one with Autism?? what are the positives & negatives?

I guess it is, but it is really hard for anyone around him as it doesn’t just affect me and him, it affects who he lives with all his mates as so on. 

Positives - 

  • He doesn’t mature as easily, and this can be taken as a positive or a negative, it’s really just how you view it. I see it as a positive because he is extremely childish and I find it adorable how much of a kid he truly is
  • He is extremely passionate about certain things. He develops an ‘obsession’ of sorts, He i heavily involved with his comics and computer gaming and he is like the biggest nerd ever but thats okay because it makes me seem like less of a nerd
  • When he get really happy and excited, he often gets really giggly, pokes his tongue out and how he handflaps and I think it’s actually the cutest thing ever.

Negatives - 

  • He has breakdowns which can be quite severe, and after a breakdown if you don’t know how to calm him down it is really really difficult to
  • He has difficulty doing every day things, like getting dressed, doing his hair, brushing his teeth, so that means that he needs to be helped,
  • He is sensitives to sounds and textures. Meaning if something is too loud it hurts him and he has to put on noise cancelling headphones, and textures meaning some textures when he eats how when he feels something it can make him ill
  • The way he sees himself because of his autism, he often thinks he is a retard and that he doesn’t deserve me or love or anything of those sorts, which can lead to him telling me to dump him and find someone better, he sometimes forgets that he is the only one I want and he is the only one I need and no matter what shit he is going through I still love him more than anything and I will stick by him because his Autism doesn’t change my feelings for him at all.

So yes there is a list of the positives and negatives, this is specifically relating to my relationship with him and his own experiences with his Autism.

In a World....

Wanna watch a romantic comedy about dealing with overwhelming sexism in an industry that’s also absolutely the cutest and actually funny? It’s “In A World” and on netflix! <3

Disclaimer, there are a few awkward moments, but mostly people suffer for being jerks, which is refreshing.