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Hi! Thanks for everything, I love the show, and the production staff and writers always seems so dedicated and impressive. Quick cast question: out of the all actors/actresses, who would you say least (or most) resembles their character?

The least has to be Richard Harmon. Murphy is a sociopathic murder, but Richard is just the sweetest guy. The most is probably Marie. She’s very adventurous, just like Octavia. 

Jessica Alba  attracts attention whether at the bronze beach in a bikini or on the silver screen in lingerie. Don’t doubt her talent and business savvy. The Fantastic Four actress capitalizes on her exterior. Likewise, her gentle interior reveals a perky spirit with a big heart. Rather than giving sporadic acts of sassiness, Jessica gives random acts of kindness. Click to continue @ 



Last episode, I wasn’t able to do a reaction blog because I didn’t make a reaction blog because I took my laptop to a shop for repair. But I did watch the last week’s episode but it’s a bit late to make a reaction blog now since I have one for episode 11 already. 

But just a little recap from last episode.

So Jr. and Inyoung started dating. they tried to date but couldn’t do the normal things couples do when dating because Jr. was an idol. So he had a hard time getting away with fans. But he still tried to make it up to Inyoung by surprising her with a meal in her place. Suddenly, Inyoung realized that she had to meet up with JB because they had to go to a dance concert of chansung which she tried to make it but didn’t so she got help from chansung himself to look for JB and JB suddenly appeared and went to inyoung saying that it was okay that she was late, at least she came. then she suddenly collapse in front of JB. 

In this episode started showing JB very worried about inyoung.

When Inyoung got out of the doctors office (i think?) she told JB that she was okay and she was just tired but the truth was that her condition was getting worst.

Laying down in her bed at night, couldn’t sleep, Inyoung was talking to her dead mother and telling her to give her strength because she wants to have a last dance with JB before she dies.

The next day at school, inyoung talked to JR about her true feelings that she really supports JR and she likes him but only as his fan but not love hi. I felt so heart broken for JR that when he started crying alone, I wanted to go inside my screen and just run to him and hug him. Although he needs to work on how he cried in this scene, it looked fake at some point. 

After that heart breaking moment of Jr;  Jb, Mark, Jackson Youngjae and inyoung started practicing for their dance battle for the next day. I really think that the practice scene are long and it take much of the screen time but it’s just what I think. 

After their practice, they started on their official date as a couple. Went to do stuff that couples do, Drink in one cup, being love-dovey in the streets or in public, got couple shoes. The weird part though, I didn’t know that couples would like to play dress up as well. They dress as batman and cat woman, superman and wonder woman and lastly, they dressed as if like their about to get married. They were saying their (i think) goodbyes in their mind for each other but they didn’t know that either one of them can go, not just JB which we thought would because he is the knight after all. 

It seems like not only Inyoung and Jb are the couples in dream knight. We have Min of Miss A and Jackson. When Min asked Jackson if he is close with her as well because she noticed that he is close with inyoung, Jackson said ‘of course I like you’… then suddenly, silence between the two. awkward if I may say, in real life! :P They even had their moments walking in a  bridge where they talked about dancing and how do they feel about it. Jackson said that he is doing it for fun while Min said she is doing it so that she could beat Inyoung and her mother would appreciate her. Then Jackson showed min how it is to actually have fun when dancing. I find no sense in these scene. First of all, I think she’ll definitely be better that inyoung. seeing how she dance in the practice scene earlier in this episode LOL. But i’m not hating, just saying :) 

It’s been a while since we saw Yugyeom and bambam. I completely understand. Maybe they aren’t ready to act yet compared to youngjae and Mark but still I am happy to see them trying, especially our giant maknae, Yugyeom. In their scene they are just talking about them being human and knights then dancing. I also don’t see anything to blog about this :P

Before they went home, they shared one intimate scene together where JB was telling Inyoung to always smile and take care of herself then they kissed, not just once but twice! it’s a good thing that my biased isn’t JB so I’m sorry to all JB fans out there. It must have hurt so bad. LOL

The three members surprised Inyoung and celebrated a victory before the D-day. So it was just a simple get together between the 5 of them. 

Of course, dream knight wouldn’t be complete with the JYP himself, Park Jin Young. :P


The signs at the movies
  • Aries:laughs their fucking ass off when someone dies and parents with children in the theater throw glares at them
  • Taurus:moaning into popcorn with way too much butter on it
  • Gemini:gets really really really into the movie if they like it and need answers about everything there is about the movie
  • Cancer:daydreams at the hot girl/hot guy and secretly admires the villain
  • Leo:critiquing the acting and movie in general if it's serious or something they take seriously but still enjoys simple films!
  • Virgo:analyzes everything and goes into a train of thought of what it was like to make the movie
  • Libra:will fight someone if they're talking during the movie and wondering how big the "hot dude"'s dick is
  • Scorpio:making out with their significant other in the top row like teenagers falling in love for the first time, when done they chill and watch the movie.
  • Sagittarius:makes comments out loud about the actors, scene, or other things about the movies
  • Capricorn:will beat the shit out of someone if anybody puts their feet relatively near their seat
  • Aquarius:needs to sit alone and away from everybody with their other person they're seeing it with
  • Pisces:cries at death scenes and cries bad. Spend the next 20 minutes getting them to shape the hell up