"You’re Not Really Mexican, Are You?"

Playwright and author Cherríe Moraga on growing up half-Chicana, half-gringo and discovering the difference between how her Mexican friends and white friends were treated.

Amid mysterious blazes and threats of worse to come, Ramzan Kadyrov is cracking down on those in Chechnya who dare to defend civil liberties. On Saturday afternoon lawyers for the Committee Against Torture serving with the Joint Mobile Group (JMG) that brings attorneys into Chechnya for short tours of duty, checked the recordings from their outside security cameras […]

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Sea Shepherd supporter Dave Rastovich, co-founder of Surfers for Cetaceans, Isabel Lucas and Hayden Panetteire lead a group of surfers and activists in a prayer circle in
memory of the dolphins slaughtered in Taiji Japan to show their respect to the thousands of dolphins that are annually slaughtered on the site and peacefully protest the Taiji dolphin drives.

I’m sure you all heard about the tragedy cause by that MRA. I told my friend about it and found that he was also a MRA. He told me that, quote,

"The tragedy was bad, yeah, but what’s even worse is that feminazis will use this against men.”


He thought men being called out on their bullshit is worse than six women losing their lives.

What the actual fuck.