This 85-Year-Old Nun Just Spent Two Years In Prison For Protesting Nuclear Weapons

ROSEMONT, PENNSYLVANIA–Two white-haired nuns stepped forward and embraced each other tightly. One has been living in a convent in a quiet Philadephia suburb. The other has spent the last two years in federal prison, charged with sabotage, trespassing, and destroying government property as part of a peaceful protest in Oak Ridge, Tennessee against the U.S.’ arsenal of nuclear weapons.

I fight this fight so that the next kid doesn’t have to. I know several disabled young people who would be stuck with this fight in three to five years if I don’t do it now. There are countless others who I don’t know who would be stuck with it if I don’t do it now. This bullying stops here and now.

-Kassiane of Radical Neurodivergence Speaking

Sums up why I want to be a special ed teacher, why I’m an activist…..pretty much everything.  Thanks, Kassiane!

Violence and Activism

I recently saw a post here on Tumblr that says an ally isn’t a true ally if they say violence isn’t the answer. I’m a bit confused by this statement. Do they mean self-defense (which I’m all for) or going out and murdering cishets (which I’m against)?

Did you know that Toronto Save does leafleting events in addition to vigils?! It's a great opportunity to engage in activism and meet fellow vegans!

Here are the events planned for this week:

 Thursday, January 2, 7:30-10 am: Toronto Pig Save vigil at Lake Shore and Strachan

• Friday, January 3, 10 am - 1pm: Toronto Cow Save vigil at “St. Helen’s MEat Packers” and “Ryding-Regency Meat Packers” at 1 Glen Scarlett Road and, towards end of vigil, at 100 Ethel St. at “Maple Leaf Poultry”

• Saturday, January 4: 4-6 pm, leafleting and outdoor video education display (OVED) at Dundas Square

Feel free to message us if you have any questions!

The charity Water for Africa builds boreholes (sustainable water sources) in Africa.
They believe that it’s important to not only build clean water sources for these communities, but to provide them with continuous support and training to ensure these boreholes remain viable for many years.
With the help of charitable donations, Water for Africa has been able to complete over 100 boreholes for communities in Africa to date.


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9 brave activists arrested at protest yesterday, Oct. 30th. 

Protest was outside World Wide Primates in Miami, Florida. 

World Wide Primates is a company that imports/exports primates for testing labs all around the US. 

Fellow animal lovers, AR Activists and Eco Activists,

PLEASE consider donating to get these brave people

out of jail ASAP. 

Those arrested also include members of Earth First! and 

the Earth First! Journal.

Thank you!!




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Begun in 1992 in New York City, the Lesbian Avengers quickly became a global movement, with more than fifty chapters worldwide. Fighting for the visibility and survival of lesbians everywhere, the Lesbian Avengers demanded school boards teach about lesbian lives, took over homophobic radio and TV stations, crisscrossed the U.S. in pride rides, unleashed plagues of crickets on ungodly ministries, integrated homecoming parades, and marched en masse in cities from Washington, D.C. and New Orleans to Vancouver and London. We also took out gay activism where it had rarely been before, into the heart of heartland politics, successfully beating back anti-gay legislation in rural Idaho.

Almost two decades later, it’s time to share the Lesbian Avengers’ story and skills with a new generation. All you need are daring, creativity, and organization to subvert your enemies, and wake up your friends. Politics isn’t just for the rich and connected. Your city and country are yours. Using the power of the street, direct action will give you a voice even if you don’t have your own lobbyists and war chests.

In that spirit, I’m pleased to present the third edition of The Lesbian Avenger Handbook: A Handy Guide to Homemade Revolution. Typos have been corrected, and tech advances have been acknowledged to bring us into the 21st century.

So get busy. Wreak havoc. Avenge.

Kelly Cogswell
Lesbian Avenger Documentary Project

July 24, 2011

How to stay anonymous online (more or less)

In many countries around the world people risk and lose lives in their struggle for freedom and democracy, oppressed by regimes violating the civil or even basic humans rights of their citizens. 

After my latest post “Digital Self-Defense” a few people asked me if I know about ways how to communicate online while staying absolutely anonymous. Here´s what I´ve learned:

First of all: There is NO way of absolute anonymity online. Accept this and grow a healthy dose of paranoia. Do no shortcuts, not a single one, in your efforts to stay anonymous, not because you´re tired, not because you´re stressed or pressured by others.

Very basically you have to think about four areas where you have to cover up:

  • Hardware (f.e. mac adress)
  • Software (f.e. operating system, browser)
  • Access point to the web
  • Payment and Login info for the software you´ll use to encrypt and hide your web traffic

At best have a machine that you only use for your political work. You have never logged in to facebook, there´s no history of downloads, no mail clients, no activation of Windows or OSX. Simply nothing that is in anyway associated with your identity.

If you don´t have a new machine you can erase your harddrive´s data with tools like “Darik´s Boot and Nuke”. 

What is true for your hardware is even more true for your software. Don´t use an operating system associated with your identity. There are basically two ways to do this:
Either you use another machine, f.e. in a public internet cafe, or you use live CDs. A live CD (or USB partition) is basically booting a Linux operating system from CD and does not store anything on your hard drive. In case you want to save specific settings or data on your disk some live CDs come with tools like “Truecrypt”. Truecrypt allows to create an encrypted partition on your harddrive to store to. In case of emergency when you might not have enough time to erase your data, it will be encryted at least.

Currently I´d recommend “The Amnesic Incognito Live System (Tails)” not just because of its name but for its range of functions. 

“Tails” comes with “Tor”, a distibuted network of relays run by volunteers all around the world that bounce your communications to prevent the allocation of data traffic to individuals. Tor is really easy to use and comes with an adapted version of the Firefox browser called “Tor Browser” with the add-on"HTTPS Everywhere“ preinstalled. "HTTPS Everywhere” enforces encryption of your web traffic to websites automatically. Now again: Don´t do anything else with this browser! No Facebook login, no installation of add-ons, just leave it as it is. 

To add an extra level of anonymity you can think of running the TOR/ webtraffic through the server network of a “Virtual Private Network (VPN)” service. If choose your VPN provider check for the following:

  • No logs policy: no logs, not only of the websites you visit, but also of your connection times aso. This means you´ll have to avoid providers in the EU and US.
  • The VPN provider should have access servers close to your location to not slow down the whole security apparatus even more (as it will be pretty slow anyway). 
  • And maybe most important for our topic of anonymity: Do they offer options for anonymous payments? After the FED shut down “Liberty Reserve” there are the following options:

    Find a VPN provider that
  1. accepts prepaid cards like “PaySafeCard”, “WebMoney” or a similar service that works in your country.
  2. that accepts the online currency “Bitcoin”. If you run it through “Tor”, use new “Bitcoin” adresses for each transaction and pay the VPN provider in bulk this is pretty secure.
  3. Search for how to set up an anonymous “Paypal” account as I won´t run you through that here. 

Do NOT provide any of the above with your real name or similar information again! If you need a mail adress use free mailers with funny personal details or a temporary mail address service like “GuerrillaMail”.

Now if you finally want to go online don´t do it from home or any access associated with your identity. Go to a public wifi or use prepaid cards for mobile that allow for data traffic. If you connect your machine through your mobile´s prepaid data plan via tethering that´s also might work. Change cards from time to time.

Disclaimer Curse: If you use the above for illegal stuff just for your own egocentric benefits go burn in hell!

Please feel free to add hints or questions in the comments.

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Now you complain because there is war, but war is the proper state for a world in which men are a series of numbered bodies. War is the state that now perfectly fits your philosophy of life: you deserve the war for believing the things you believe. In so far as I tend to believe those same things and act according to such lies, I am part of the complex of responsibilities for the war too.
—  Thomas Merton