I have a hard time believing activists who ask for money! If you want to be an activist and fight for a cause then just do it, but to ask for money for your organization when all you’re doing is posting articles, making blog entries or speeches, is just pathetic. It’s not like you’re a doctor on the field helping those in need. You want to fight for freedom and equality take it upon yourself and do it! I do it out of my own time, I devote my own time and money so I can make a positive difference, I do it because I care and anyone who actually cares does not ask for money. I don’t want anyone to donate a single dollar to me. I do it because I want to combat extremism, inequality, hate, racism, and prejudice. I don’t want any money for it, knowing that something I can do will help some people become more loving and accepting for each other is worth a billion dollars for me.

“No Justice. No Peace. Open your minds and hearts. Open your eyes. Acknowledge your surroundings and stand together. Be as one. Love yourself and the people AND please remember 1,000,000 hearts, but one LOVE! Stand for something or DIE for nothing!" 

This is Vonderrit Myers Sr. His only son, Vonderrit Myers Jr., was murdered by police 6 months ago today. And he is the movement.



Trans activist Jen Richards sits down with The Next Family to discuss trans organizations and resources. Included in the video: 

TransTech Social Enterprises: transtechsocial.org
Trans Justice Funding Project: transjusticefundingproject.org
Trans 100: thetrans100.com

“It’s basically done because humans want it done, and I don’t think it’s our right to mutilate our animals for our own satisfaction,” Rosenthal told Gothamist. “I think it’s totally unethical to perform these kinds of amputations on cats.” Cats everywhere agree, and here’s why: Declawing is like taking a hatchet to a hangnail—literally. It involves 10 separate, painful amputations, severing not just the nails but also the whole joint, including the bones, ligaments, and tendons. As veterinarian Louise Murray puts it, “If you look at your fingers, declawing would be like amputating the last section of each finger. If you were declawed, you would have 10 little short fingers. It’s amputation times 10.”

Jazz Jennings

I know I’ve posted about her before, but she deserves to be talked about again.

See this girl? She’s probably the greatest person you’ll ever hear of. She’s an author:

An Artist:

An advocate:

A model:

A Youtuber:

Literally everything I want to be. She is on the list of most influential teens, at only 14 is the new face of transgender activism. If you haven’t bought her book, reconsider (the most heartwarming 10 dollars you’ll ever spend): 

I Am Jazz

This girl is incredible in every way. She is probably my biggest role model, and gives me hope that I might inspire somebody as much as she has, and all of you can do the same. Here is a link to her instagram, and here is a link to her facebook business page. 

Okay, I just had to rant about how amazing she is, goodbye<3