I feel so awkward when people ask me why I’m in social work/mental healthcare, or why I do social justice activism. I feel like they expect some grand narrative about how I’m selflessly helping people despite how difficult and unpleasant it can be, because it’s just that important and I’m just that kindhearted and brave.

Actually, I chose this work because I enjoy it. Even when it’s not enjoyable right in the moment—although it often is—it’s enjoyable when you look at the bigger picture. Just like you may not necessarily enjoy debugging, but you enjoy the process of figuring out how to build what you want to build.

In my experience, the people who choose social work, therapy, and/or activism through purely “altruistic” motives even though they do not enjoy the work end up burning out fast, and sometimes hurting others. I think that there are more effective ways to feel like you matter and like you’re a good person than dedicating your entire life, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, to something that actually makes you miserable.


“The groundswell of response we have received in support for HeForShe tells us we are tapping into what the world wants: to be a part of change.”

Watch as Emma Watson outlines the #HeForShe Impact 10x10x10 program at the World Economic Forum.

How can you be part of the change?


More powerful photos from DC confronting and bringing to a HALT, the so called March for ‘Life’!



Yesterday’s CND protest against renewing the UK’s nuclear submarines Trident. The government want to spend £100 BILLION, at a time when they have made major cuts to the NHS, housing and welfare…which is ridiculous! Over a million people are forced to use food banks, there is a nationwide housing crisis, and the standards of living are falling…not good enough!

the problem i have with tumblr is that you guys tend to perpetuate the idea that a few problematic things a person does makes them the scum of the world when really we all have issues and we are all learning and getting past them every single day like tell me you weren’t more racist or sexist or transphobic or homophobic or whatever the case may be five years ago than you are now. we all learn and grow each day and have all made mistakes and celebrities are not excluded from that

Please support Afro-Vegan cookbook rather than Thug Kitchen.  Here’s why:

”Bryant Terry is a chef, educator, and author renowned for his activism to create a healthy, just, and sustainable food system. Bryant’s fourth book, Afro Vegan was published by Ten Speed Press/Random House April 2014. Just 2 months after publication, Afro-Vegan was named by Amazon as one of the best cookbooks of 2014. In December it was nominated for an NAACP Image Award in the Outstanding Literary Work category.

If you want a taste of culture-rich, ethnic and truly vegan food, (Thug Kitchen uses honey in some recipes), without the culture appropriation and perpetuation of negative and racist stereotypes about an entire community, consider getting Afro-Vegan.”  ~  Hugo Dominguez


it’s Martin Luther King day yall - not a day off, a day of action.  MTV is running a huge campaign sharing dozens of peoples experiences with talking about race and why it’s important.  

ill be featured on MTV at 12 and 5 ET/PT, and throughout the day lots of other activists, celebrities, and politicians will be contributing.