You’ve probably heard about the controversy surrounding the children’s book called “I Want to Be Bacon When I Grow Up.” The authors, Ken & Jessica Skinner, huge bacon promoters, have received hundreds of one star negative reviews on their Amazon page and an onslaught of negative feedback on their Facebook page as well.

They have made several knee-jerk statements in response to all of the criticism their book has triggered, such as “We care about animals, but we also eat them.” “A bunch of militant Vegans spammed us with their self-righteous hate. So don’t even bother reading the reviews unless you enjoy propaganda.”

If you want to have an impact, we recommend contacting the book publisher itself on their Facebook page at Mascot Books. Leave a review there which cannot be deleted. And send them a private message. You can also email the publisher directly at

You can also leave an Amazon review which cannot be deleted.

You can also give a “Yes” to the reviews there that you found to be helpful which will help them get higher in the rankings.

You can also post a message to the authors’ on their Facebook page at

You can also use this as an opportunity to inform people about bacon and other products by pointing them to our well-researched articles, such as:

Meet Your Bacon: Footage of Pigs In Transport Truck Goes Viral at:

Bacon: A Day In The Life at

The Vegan Bacon That Meat-Loving Foodies Can’t Get Enough Of: Recipe Included! at

Source: Free From Harm

Tell the world you’re a wizard activist.

All the best wizards - from Harry to Hermione to Professor McGonagall - have been activists, too. Now it’s time for you to join the club.

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Gloria Casarez, Organizer, Activist and Total Badass, Dies at 42

Gloria Casarez, Organizer, Activist and Total Badass, Dies at 42

Gloria Casarez passed away on Sunday, October 19th, after living with cancer for five years. She was 42, a Philadelphia native, and a longtime activist and organizer in Philly’s LGBT and Latin@ communities. Casarez fought tirelessly for her communities, acting as a mentor, galvanizer and leader.

Casarez rallies the 2012 Dyke March.

Casarez wore many “hats” in her life as an organizer: Director of…

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Decolonizing the Anti-Violence Movement and Domestic Violence Awareness Month Reading List.

Week 4: The Non-Profit Industrial Complex and Co-Opting of the Movement

1. The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex (in full):

2. My Exile From the Anti-Rape and Anti-Domestic Violence Fields

3. Summer School: NPIC, AIC, and co-optation

4. Summer School: NPIC, AIC, and co-optation pt. 2:

5. The Anti-Violence and the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

6. Government shutdown leaves domestic violence victims stranded

7. Disrupting the relationship between the anti-violence movement and the PIC

8. Disloyal to Feminism: Abuse of Survivors Within the Domestic Violence Shelter System

9. Abusive Power and Control With the Domestic Violence Shelter

10. Chanel: Co-opting feminism at Paris Fashion Week

11. Women’s NGOs Under Conditions of Occupation and War:

12. How feminism became capitalisms handmaiden - and how to reclaim it

13. Forget the Foundations

14. Repressing Social Movements

15. Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: How Gender Violence On the Left Enables State Violence In Radical Movements

16. How corporations and spy agencies use “security” to defend profiteering and crush activism

17. The Facebook Manipulation Study’s Mysterious Connection to the Military

18. When Feminist Hashtag Activism Goes Corporate

19. Raving Amazons: Anti-Blackness and Misogynoir in Social Media

20. Everyone Watches, Nobody Sees: How Black Women Disrupt Surveillance Theory

21. Hashtags as Decolonial Projects with Radical Origins

22. In Defense of Twitter Feminism

23. Interlopers on Social Media: Feminism, Women of Color, and Opression


Leonardo DiCaprio has joined AFI DOCS alum Virunga as executive producer, and will partner with Netflix to help spread the word about the documentary that follows park rangers in Africa’s oldest national park as they try to protect endangered gorillas from poachers and militia funded by foreign oil interests. 

The film will be released in theaters in LA and NY and be available for streaming on Netflix on Nov. 7. 

Initiative For Responsible Citizens' Arrest

I watched a video today of a police officer arresting a man playing his guitar, the video was so log and the context so clear that the officer even read the law out loud, proving he was wrong, but still assaulted and arrested the man anyway. This raised an interesting question for me.

Is there an increase in police brutality?
Or is there just more visibility of this long standing pattern of violence? I have never been a supporter of violence, but I do believe one has the right to defend themselves against those who would unlawfully impede their rights. Unfortunately it is an uphill battle to fight a self defense case against a police officer, even when one has sufficient evidence, or was not even committing a crime. I am a big believer in diversity of tactics, and I have a really good idea that could make some real change.
So there are a few rules to this:

1. We need to film these police responsibly, note:
The practice of filming cops is becoming a lot more common, but we’re missing a step two to this important stand for accountability.
2. If a group of people witness and are recording an account of police misconduct, they need to collectively arrest the officer, and force the officer to wait until other police arrive. If they do not comply, with minimum force, stop, or restrain the officer, as a group. Repeat, AS A GROUP! Do not risk a lone citizen’s arrest because it could get you arrested or killed. You must outnumber the officer or officers. Repeat, IF YOU TRY TO ARREST AN OFFICER BY YOURSELF YOU COULD BE IMPRISONED, OR KILLED!
Four or more peaceful and adamant citizens should suffice. Ideally though you will want to form a blockade and encircle the officer try not make threatening gestures. This could cause the officer to panic.
3. Cite the officer’s infraction. If the officer is not committing a felony or threatening the peace he is not subject to citizens arrest.
Wrongful arrest, excessive use of force, unlawful search or seizure, and threatening the peace, are likely to be common. Cases of; entrapment, destruction of property, assault with a police/moving vehicle, brandishing, sexual assault, extortion, accepting bribes, attempted murder, and murder, are not unheard of.
4. Make sure there is at least one person filming who does not help in the physical restraint of the officer if such action is needed.
This could cause them to be incriminated, it also would interfere with the clarity of the recorded evidence. Having as clear a view as possible and as many corroborating videos as possible is paramount to this tactic!

In conclusion, with video evidence; a surplus of witness testimony; and a properly proven and justified citizens arrest the legal system would have no choice but to obey its citizens.
Please share this as far across the internet as possible, we must act to create change, and this is one way that we can start!

Also here are some links:
What is a citizens arrest?’s_arrest
How to make a citizens arrest’s-Arrest

Update on #2, important!

Hey UConn Friends! Are you interested in LGBTQ activism? If so, come learn more about this great opportunity WEDNESDAY 10/22 at 8pm in Oak Hall 267! Applications are due 10/29 at noon.

Students from any UConn campus are welcome to apply! Email me at with any questions! 

Medical marijuana: Boynton Beach will temporarily ban dispensaries

(BizJournals) Boynton Beach commissioners unanimously voted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries for one year if Florida voters approve legalization Nov. 4, according to WPTV-5.

The moratorium will allow the city to work out regulations for dispensaries, Vice Mayor Joe Casello told the TV station. Coconut Creek and Boca Raton are considering similar delays.

Watch on

This is what happened to us last night in Shaw. The police were violating our rights all night. We were peaceful. Some of our folks were beaten, one officer stood in front of another to block us from seeing him shoving his baton into a protesters abdomen.

One of our live streamers was sprayed by police for capturing them beating on protesters. Silly me, I thought we would be safe last night because we had legal observers with us from the National Lawyers Guild. NOPE, they got sprayed and arrested too. 17 of our protesters were arrested in total.

The screams, the beatings, the media running away, the tears, us yelling trying to find each other, the sound of them banging their batons on the ground to intimidate us … I will never forget last night. I have not slept since Friday, most of us are still trying to process what happened.

This is just a small piece of what we experienced last night. Ferguson protesters have been living this nightmare every day for the last 65 days, think about that. #Shaw #Ferguson #FergusonOctober

It's becoming more and more clear that in the U.S., trying to learn history is becoming a political act

The history that you learn in school depends on which political party is in power in your district. Even college presidents are trying to control which version of History young people are allowed to learn.

People can say what they like about Medievalpoc “pushing an agenda”. My point? There is no neutral ground. To tell a story is to have a reason for doing so; to write about history is to shape the way toward the future.

History is much, much more than dusty lists of dates and the names of deceased white men. History is dynamic, interpretive, constantly changing and a living, breathing past we can all see ourselves in. History helps us form our identities now. History is where we can learn what harm has been done, and what we can do to correct it.

It’s my hope that we can all find opportunities here to feel empowered, inspired, and enlightened by History.

a quick reminder:

not everyone knows what is and isn’t offensive

not everyone has the knowledge you do on slurs and their impact

so how about instead of bullying people who are wrong and writing them off as terrible people, you try educating them?

And if you say “it’s not my job to educate them” but you consider yourself an activist, you are not a very good activist.