Within activist circles, if a PoC complains about white people or a woman complains about men, or if disabled people complain about abled people, queer people complaining about cishet people, it’s understood that they’re venting about the societal structures that create obstacles for them-

But god forbid a fat person complains about skinny people, because then we get into how all body shaming is bad and how it’s all the same and how dare you make this about you being fat when it’s about all bodies being beautiful.

And like it keeps coming up! It keeps coming up as acceptable behavior to tell fat people to shut up about their frustrations because it might make skinny people feel bad, because some of them have been called too skinny and that clearly levels the systematic playing field. 

rant on queer community and activism p3/3

so much of the shit we bring from the fucked up world into the world we are trying to create in solidarity, it still causes the same real shit! i literally have just been watching someone become homeless bc of the huge exploding constellation of this crap. 

queer community isn’t here for u to only respect the ~cool~ ones or the “real activists.” Or for u to go through controlling and manipulating folks because you have the right amount of some-type-of-capital to afford violently sneaking around behind your privilege(s). 


Everything wants us dead under the norm, we keep each other safe and alive, that was always the goal, to resist. If we forget that, who is this community for? We need to remember, really remember, who we are here for; it can’t be just ourselves.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple coming out as gay is so monumental. Just imagine all the kids that have no hope or feel disabled because of their sexuality, looking up to a gay man that is leading the world’s biggest technology company. Representation is important.

May 1 2014 - Nigel Farage, leader of the racist UK Independence Party gets egged.

The man who threw the egg was holding a placard which said: “UKIP… sad, scared, old men”. He was put into a patrol car by police and driven away.

The protester, who gave his name as Fred from Nottingham, said he had carried out the attack because he did not agree with UKIP’s policies.

He told the BBC: “Egg-throwing is a well established form of political protest in this country. I saw the guys outside the town hall about 10 minutes ago. I went to Tesco, bought some eggs.”

It's becoming more and more clear that in the U.S., trying to learn history is becoming a political act

The history that you learn in school depends on which political party is in power in your district. Even college presidents are trying to control which version of History young people are allowed to learn.

People can say what they like about Medievalpoc “pushing an agenda”. My point? There is no neutral ground. To tell a story is to have a reason for doing so; to write about history is to shape the way toward the future.

History is much, much more than dusty lists of dates and the names of deceased white men. History is dynamic, interpretive, constantly changing and a living, breathing past we can all see ourselves in. History helps us form our identities now. History is where we can learn what harm has been done, and what we can do to correct it.

It’s my hope that we can all find opportunities here to feel empowered, inspired, and enlightened by History.

a quick reminder:

not everyone knows what is and isn’t offensive

not everyone has the knowledge you do on slurs and their impact

so how about instead of bullying people who are wrong and writing them off as terrible people, you try educating them?

And if you say “it’s not my job to educate them” but you consider yourself an activist, you are not a very good activist.

On Anger in Activism

Yesterday I wrote something personal that wasn’t very well-reasoned and I think misrepresents reality. I know most people don’t care about this, but I do so HERE I GO! 

change isn’t made through righteous indignation, condemnation, and anger (which is what I am full of right now.) It’s made through understanding and broad cultural change.

Was the thing I said…which not only says “Change is made through change!” (an entirely useless statement clearly stemming from a lack of proof-reading) it also indicates that anger and frustration has no place in activism which, historically, is the opposite of true. 

Anger and frustration are extremely important fuels for change. Movements must grow…and being angry because of injustice is absolutely fantastic. 

However, there are some problems with anger. It is a fuel…not a tool. When anger is used as a tool, it tends to spark more anger in the opposition, making it a fuel for them. That is especially true when anger is converted to hatred (which, anyone who is a human should know, is a very small step.) That only escalates and entrenches the sides, pitting people against each other, creating strong identities in large groups of people based on opposing out groups. That’s how wars get started. I’ve watched that happen over and over again, and the unchecked fear / anger / hatred of Fox News’ viewership is a fate I would very much like to avoid. 

Anger is also exhausting…it is a hot fuel, but without constant upkeep, I have found that it leads to depression and hopelessness. It is not a pleasant way to feel, and I think activism should be difficult, but if it drains you, it is not sustainable.

Anger fuels a lot of intelligent activism, especially when it’s combined with other fuels like love and knowledge. It’s most potent when combined with sociology, and an understanding of how cultural change functions…which is something I would like to do more research on. 

In the end, of course, you can’t control these things. When there’s too much of it, anger will burn completely uncontrolled. The police seem to fully expect that the grand jury will not indict Darren Wilson and that the resulting anger could very easily turn a peaceful protest into a riot that spreads from Ferguson into St. Louis. 

If that happens, the anger fueling it will absolutely be justified, but it will not be a force for change. Anger will become the tool, when it should be the fuel.