Things to do in Louisville before you're dead

…. I mean …. before you come over for dinner, yeah! That’s it!

It’s going to be a beautiful day! Get out and enjoy it, Internet!

Cave Hill Cemetery

After packet pickup, head up Broadway to Baxter Avenue. Right at the end of Broadway where it intersects Baxter, you’ll see Cave Hill Cemetery. You’ll be running about 4 miles around the perimeter of this cemetery tomorrow and will only see the brick wall surrounding it. You should REALLY REALLY go take a drive and/or walk around inside of it so you can appreciate its beauty and the fact that you aren’t buried six feet under!

It is one of the most beautiful places in town, and I believe they have a daily tour.

Cherokee Park

Next up, head on over to Cherokee Park. This will be your big hills tomorrow! Go up Baxter Avenue and head onto Bardstown Road. Take a left on Eastern Parkway (US-60) and it will take you straight into the park. This park is one of several in our major park system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted! Should be super beautiful over there if all the leaves haven’t dropped off the trees yet. Note that it’s a 1-way route through the park in a vehicle, so keep to the right.

The Higlands + Lunch!

After you finish at the park, come back out Eastern Pkwy and hit up Bardstown Rd. for some good eats, art galleries, shops and more. I’d suggest parking anywhere on Eastern Pkwy as you leave the park and getting out to walk. Hang a right on B-town Rd and head towards some great restaurants such as Ramsi’s Cafe on the World, City Cafe (in the back of Midcity Mall — which is not a Mall, don’t be tricked by their tomfoolery!), and more! Be sure and stop in to see the cookie lady at Kizito Cookies to carb up!  Or, head to the left to have great BBQ at Mark’s or some South American flair at Palermo’s! Too many choices to list! Head either direction and you’ll bump into good food.

Have fun!

Battle scars. Reminds me of falling off my bike as a kid. Both knees, forearms, and a possible hematoma (?) on the shin. Most fun I’ve ever had in a race. I’m done with distance events. Obstacle runs are where it’s at!

It goes without saying that this was a great weekend. It’s always crazy to think that people who were strangers not too long ago are now legit friends.

On to the next…


amiegoesactive replied to your postA Weigh A Day - 9

I’m looking at starting the BL 30 day jump start, any advice? Looks like you are doing great at it.

It may be a bit premature for me to comment on the program because I’m only a little over a week into it. But so far, I’m liking it and not just because of the weight loss. I’m already at my goal weight but I’d like to lose a little more fat. It seems to be helping. I’m making some modifications because I don’t like seafood so much (and there are several meals containing it) and I’m experimenting with new ways of cooking.

The real benefit is that the meals I’m making are much higher in nutritional value than the processed stuff I’d been eating. Yeah, I’d changed my diet a lot in the past two years ,but I was still guilty of getting “healthy”-ish stuff at the drive-thru all too often. And I was definitely prone to the “I’m running a long time tomorrow. I can eat a lot today” trap. The only problem is that I’d follow that after the run with, “I ran a long time today. I can eat a lot now.” It’s difficult to lose (or maybe even maintain) weight during marathon training, but I’m trying to be smarter this time around.

I get that a lot of people might start this plan and quit after 30 days. It’s probably unlikely to think that you can follow a book plan for the rest of your life. (At least I couldn’t live like that forever). But it’s helping me become more competent in the kitchen and organized/intentional as far as planning meals. I’m also trying to pay a lot more attention to whether I’m truly hungry or just bored. And those are the real benefits, I suppose.

There’s also a workout plan and a lot of helpful tips for those who are just starting out. I think that could be really helpful for some people.

If you’re looking for some ideas for developing a healthier lifestyle, I’d recommend it. I got the Kindle version from Amazon for my iPhone and MacBook. The book was $8.99 I think and the apps were free. It’s easy to copy & paste recipes or make grocery lists from those. I’m sure Jonathan, Brook, and Jason can offer more advice.

Good luck with whatever you route you choose!

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