Otto Muehl

Saw these pieces at the MCA’s Destroy the Picture show. I will be posting a full review about that show later this weekend. I’ll also be posting an essay I wrote comparing Otto Muehl’s work and the show as a whole to contemporary concepts in the practice of art therapy.

#FreedomFriday #Repost via @bepureforever First #Monsanto earnings now #McDonalds…consumers have all the #power. Continue to protest with your dollars. March out of fast food lines and supermarket isles and into farmer markets, farms, back yards, product isles, and YOUR kitchens. Spread the knowledge and BE THE POWER. You only have ONE machine (body) give it the fuel it needs. You are valued and necessary. ✊
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Typically, one practicing civil disobedience is also willing to accept the legal consequences of his actions. Direct action takes matters a step further. The direct actionist does not just refuse to pay taxes to support a militarized school system, she combines with others to try to create a new school system that operates on different principles. She proceeds as she would if the state did not exist and leaves it to the state’s rep­resentatives to decide whether to try to send armed men to stop her.
—  David Graeber - Direct Action: An Ethnography

Peter Dobill “Blood Breather”

Every person who ever thought he had a right to assert something, and went boldly and asserted it, himself, or jointly with others that shared his convictions, was a direct actionist… Every person who ever had a plan to do anything, and went and did it, or who laid his plan before ochers, and won their co-operation to do it with him, without going to external authorities to please do the thing for them, was a direct actionist… Every person who ever in his life had a differ­ence with anyone to settle, and went straight to the other persons involved to settle it, either by a peaceable plan or otherwise, was a direct actionist.
—  Voltairine De Cleyre - Direct Action