300,000+ people from all over the world marched for climate justice yesterday afternoon in New York City ahead of the United Nations Climate Summit happening this week. 

Although the march’s organization & some participating groups were problematic, the sheer number of people who flooded Manhattan yesterday was unreal. We can use these gatherings to support each other’s organizing work, connect our struggles, share stories & strategize our next moves. 

Flood Wall Street direct actions & civil disobedience to call out climate change profiteers are happening right now at Battery Park. Updates coming soon.

All photos by the awesome Jenna Pope


How did you guys get on at school? Were you good students or were you maybe a bit naughty? 


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ok so my school recently revised the dress code and today someone made an announcement about it and she not only talked in detail about how the former dress code enforced rape culture/victim blaming, she also talked about the gender neutralization of it and she  mentioned nb ppl!!

i almost cried i love my school bye

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when do u think hoseok will just stop wearing clothes in general